Stephen Colbert Interview with Realistic Pessimist
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Can someone help me to locate an episode of Colbert from a few years back--Comedy Central's search engine is not as versatile as I was hoping for. This is what I remember: Stephen is doing an interview with a woman who's suffering from cancer (can't remember if it's terminal or not) and she says that when she was first diagnosed she kept being told that she should be tough and positive and that if she was positive she could "beat" cancer, but all she really wanted to do was feel sad and not have to fake her emotions, and she made a really profound argument for pessimism that I want to show my students. Any ideas?
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I know that Barbara Ehrenreich has talked about this in the book Brightsided - it looks like Jon Stewart interviewed her about that book, though Colbert didn't.
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That might be the one!
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yeah, 1:27 into this.
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Really a great book, fwiw.
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