What is the best episode of the podcast?
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I'm looking for interesting podcasts, but a lot of previous questions about them have recommendations for the whole podcast serieses, and I would like recommendations for SPECIFIC EPISODES. Think of your one or two or three favorite podcasts, and please link specifically to your ONE FAVORITE EPISODE of the podcast. I am looking not just for a Podcast name, but an easily-clickable link to your FAVORITE EPISODE of the podcast. Anything is fine - information, comedy, narrative, improv, whatever you like. Just your FAVORITE EPISODE. Thank you!
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Welcome to Night Vale Episode 33 - Cassette
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Pia Glenn's appearance on The Mental Illness Happy Hour. It's like listening to someone else talk about my childhood.
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Radio Lab War of the Worlds
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Freakonomics "Three hardest words" episode

/spoiler alert - the three hardest words are "I don't know."
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Answer Me This - Episode 271

Strangers Podcast Henry & Jane

Radiolab Lucy
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Best answer: The Truth The Talk
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The Memory Palace - Guinea Pigs

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99% invisible - The Steering Wheel
Welcome to Night Vale - Summer Reading Program
Escape Pod - Trixie and the Pandas of Dread
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Best answer: Judge John Hodgman – The Right to Remain Silent
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I'm a big fan of the Nerdist podcast, so I have a few favorites here -

* Tom Hanks, first appearance.
* Tom Hanks, SECOND appearance.
* Jeff Bridges' second appearance. (I didn't hear the first, don't need to.)
* Daniel Radcliffe.
* Anthony Bourdain.
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Best answer: The Hollywood Bowl episode of Analyze Phish is pretty good. Shouldn't matter if you're a fan of the band or not, in fact it might be better if you're not a fan.
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Actually, now that I think about it it could be the NYC Episode. It's one of the ones when they go see the band live and they go to a party ahead of time and talk to some really silly people.

Both episodes are great.
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This American Life - "Fiasco"
Holy smokes, I think my wife and I had actual wet-to-the-touch tears of laughter flowing down our cheeks as we drove and listened to this.
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Oh, man, seconding "Fiasco".
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I'll see your Fiasco, and raise you This American Life - 306: Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.
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Best answer: How Did This Get Made?'s episode on "Punisher: War Zone," featuring the movie's director and Patton Oswalt.

Read this first.
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Comedy Bang Bang, Farts and Procreation with Adam Scott, Harris Wittels, and Chelsea Peretti. They also return for Farts and Procreation 2 and Farts and Procreation 3 later.
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Ha! Comedy Bang Bang, Murderer Heaven with Paul F. Tompkins and Rob Corddry.

I'm assuming there will be enough opinions on this that others will add the ones I can't.
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This is one of the most awesome and yet difficult AskMes, on one of my favorite topics!

I'm biased because I lived in New Orleans, but Lexicon Valley's history of the word Lagniappe is amazing.

The Startup Podcast is only 6 episodes and they have a story arc, so this is probably not quite in the vein of what you're looking for, but I'm going to recommend episode 1. Great storytelling.

I really liked TLDR's story about the army's robot recruiter. They actually also have several MeFi-centric episodes as well (the hosts are Mefites).

I'll be back with more later.
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The Radiolab episode about Color is my go-to "isn't Radiolab great?" episode.
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Best answer: Not exactly a podcast, but this Science Friday with Werner Herzog, Cormac McCarthy and Lawrence Krauss.
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This is another near-impossible one, but I'm going to say the Dead Authors podcast featuring Mark McConville as Aesop, since I was listening to that while on a run and I was doubling up with laughter so much someone finally stopped and asked if I was okay.
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Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything, Man Without a Country Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 [they really are all parts of the same story]
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The Flop House: The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

“Fathers, knock up your daughters… Because watch out: You’re going to have to repopulate the earth after this one.”
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Short and sweet: Will Shortz kicks Ask Me Another's final challenge up about 25 notches.
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This American Life, episode 323 "The Super" - but specifically Act 2. (The one about the snowman.)

Seconding Night Vale's Summer Reading Program. And I don't think you need to know much of anything about the show's mythology for it to be fantastic and suspenseful and sad and scary.

I didn't start listening to The Bugle until a year or so ago, but I think 230 The Baroness Bows Out in which they declined to do a Fuckeulogy and instead did a Celebrorial on the death of Margaret Thatcher is a pretty damn good episode.

I'll probably be back with more.
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Another WTNV one: A Story About You.

Seconding RadioLab's "Colors," that one is fantastic.
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Response by poster: How Did This Get Made?'s episode on "Punisher: War Zone," featuring the movie's director and Patton Oswalt.

Oh my gosh, it is unreal how good this is. I was sort of expecting funny piss-taking at the movie's expense, but the director is intelligent and interesting and talks a lot about her very carefully-considered artistic choice to make the movie as insanely over-the-top violent as possible. This is completely wonderful.
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Best answer: It's heavier on the dick jokes than usual but No Such Thing as a Fish's (just last week on mefi) No such thing as a randy rat in polyester pants is one of their best.
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My Welcome to Night Vale recommendation is Street Cleaning Day.
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The best Song Exploder for me is The Postal Service but that might be because Give Up is my "desert island" album. But it's really damn good. Also if you like House of Cards the episode about the theme song is great.

How to do Everything is such a weird little podcast, but I thought the one about the guy who interviewed David Sedaris was quite funny.

I love the way Freakonomics tackles every day problems, and their exploration of online dating was particularly interesting.

Pitch's story of the CD longbox was fascinating (I thought I was pretty educated about the music business but I had never heard of these).

Pretty much every Nerdist interview is phenomenal but the one with Dr. Drew really stuck out to me because it was as much about Chris (the host) as it was about Dr. Drew. Also after being a huge Loveline fan I had gone through a phase of disliking Drew during the whole Celebrity Rehab grossness, and this made me swing back towards loving him again.

I'm having a difficult time picking a Planet Money, but I thought the one about the casino as economics lab is great.
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There are so many great The Moth podcasts, but one I enjoy a lot, enough to re-listen to it from time to time, is Elevator ER.
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I almost forgot 99 Percent Invisible! Their stories have such a wide range of topics that its hard to decide...I'd say Cold War Kids, about a school that was built underground. Make sure you listen all the way to the end, his sponsorships are great especially when his kids talk.
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Stop Podcasting Yourself - episode 149

Love this show, I lost it when they started talking about Donnie Osmond.
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I loved the This American Life episode about the global financial crisis, The Giant Pool of Money. It was the first time I'd ever heard the crisis explained so clearly. It's incredibly well put together.
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The other TAL recommendations are great, but I was listening to Switched At Birth with a stunned expression on my face. I kept muttering "I don't belie... how is this possib... what the hell?"
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Best answer: Nthing This American Life's "Fiasco" episode, if you enjoy laughing heartily and perhaps uncontrollably.

Fresh Air's recent podcast with Tim Gunn was very inspiring. He has survived a lot of really difficult stuff in his life.

On Being's (formerly Speaking of Faith's) episode with Kate Braestrup has inspiring stuff there about responding to loss.

Medieval history buffs will enjoy Hardcore History's Thor's Angels podcast.
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This American Life - The House on Loon Lake. One of the best hours of radio I've heard in my life. It's utterly compelling.
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Came here to recommended House on Loon Lake (This American Life) and was shocked it wasn't the first or second comment. I'm heartily seconding the gentleman above. It's the only episode of any podcast I have listened to multiple times and I even once made a friend sit down and listen to it with me! I don't want to give too much away, but christalmighty, it's a doozy.
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My Dead Author's recommendation is either Kristen Schaal as Tennessee Williams or Brian Stack as Brendan Behan.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour's Beyond Belief episode, "The Devil and Mr. Jones", starring Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster, and guest starring Patton Oswalt and Danica McKellar.
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I loved The House on Loon Lake too! Also, I agree with Fiasco.
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Best answer: 99% Invisible - Heyoon
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RadioLab's The Ring And I episode is amazing; even if you thought you hated opera and/or Wagner.

(It's also a good one-off episode for those who hate the usual RadioLab audio gimmicks; this one predates most of those, and pretty much lets the guests and the music speak for themselves.)
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Not to turn this into a This American Life thread, but I'm seconding The Super as my favorite episode. Love the suggestions here so far!
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The Ring And I was the first Radiolab I ever heard and it confused me to death. The best episode for me is "Detective Stories". The best 99% Invisible . . . well, I don't know if it's the best, but it's the one that made me damn near cry while walking the dog was "Holdout". And the best Song Exploder was the one with Spoon because who knew they were influenced by Dr. Dre?

Wish I could pick a best episode of Round Britain, but any episode with the women from North of England would do.
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This is such a great question! Along the same lines of This American Life is Unfictional--The Road Warriors about being young and stupid. I don't know why I love it so much...it just captures something about being a young drunk teenager so well.
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Oooh, oh, Unfictional. I'm a long way behind, but OH MY GOD Heel, Toe, Step Together WAS WONDERFUL.
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Best answer: Sawbones: Self-surgery (though if you are easily horrified, Pregnancy Tests might be a better option).
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Hard to pick an episode of My Brother, My Brother & Me, but maybe 104 - I Hate You, Ron?
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Also, the ducki piece on This American Life.
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The Memory Palace is truely excellent, so here's my own personal favorite, which is only 3 minutes long: The rush of the river and the roar of the falls.

Seminars about Long Term Thinking: The_iGEM_Revolution

Hacker Public Radio is a grab bag, and this is probably the strangest episode that has aired on it: Wildswimming in France is 40 some minutes of someone swimming in a river, greeting fishermen, etc.

Lightspeed magazine: Observations About Eggs from the Man Sitting Next to Me on a Flight from Chicago, Illinois to Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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You Must Remember This: (The Printing of) The Legend of Frances Farmer
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Response by poster: These are such wonderful suggestions! I am holding off on any Best Answers for now, but will select them as I listen to more of these episodes, and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for contributing!
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Best answer: I think Erin Gibson is super funny and underrated as comedian, and it was hard to pick a favorite Throwing Shade, but the one where they talk about Alec Baldwin and Justin Lookadoo (previously) is pretty good.
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TJ Miller's second appearance on You Made It Weird is hilarious and heartbreaking.
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The Loon Lake episode of TAL is probably the best, but I have to put in my recommendation for Act 3 of the Babysitting show. Any time it's repeated I have to listen to it. It's not actually particularly happy, but there's such a sad sweetness in the brother and sister in the story that it always pulls at me. Thinking about it more, I usually end up a bit choked up after listening to it. So I don't know if I'm actually recommending the show to you. I'll just say that I find it powerful for some reason, and like I said, I've never been able to switch it off no matter how many times I bump into it on a weekend morning.
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I also recently really enjoyed Walking across America: Advice for a Young Man, which was a one off for Transom.org. There's lots of very good one-off pieces over there.
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Roderick on the Line, Episode 30 - "Cement Gravy Boat of Suffering".

This episode taught me about the universal appeal of doing a silly dance, and the existential dread that can come from sleeping on a beach.
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Musical Language. It's a fine line between language and music. By Radiolab.

History professor Steven Pinkner on the decline of violence from pre history to today. By SALT (Seminars about Long Term Thinking).
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The Farts and Procreation episode of Comedy Bang Bang is so good that me and my roommate are just sitting on our couch listening to it for probably the 30th time.

Also seconding Heyoon episode of 99% Invisible.
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One my favorite old school TAL episodes is Running After Antelope.

The New Yorker Fiction podcast: three Denis Johnson stories have been read over the years, one by Tobias Wolff, one by Salvatore Scibona, and one by Donald Antrim.

Marc Maron's talk with Robin Williams
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Marc Maron's interview with Stephen Tobolowski was amazing. Completely unexpectedly thought-provoking and moving. And it got me hooked on Tobolowski's podcast, which I am having an impossible time picking a favorite from (maybe Afflictions of Love).
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I haven't listened to many Tobolowsky episodes, but I can say that "The Classic", his show about "Groundhog Day" is, in fact, a classic.
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I "huffduffed" as many of these episodes as I could, and they're all here: https://huffduffer.com/bestepisodes

Seems like the rss feed is sadly limited to the last 20, but all of the episodes I could capture are available at that link.

Couldn't figure out how to add much of the TAL/NPR content, buried beneath pop-up flash players...
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This American Life, Unconditional Love, Pro Se, Parent Trap. Radio Lab, Blame. TED Radio Hour, Haves and Have Nots.
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The "Finding Emilie" segment of the Lost & Found episode of Radiolab chronicles the descent into hell faced when a family is slowly losing their daughter following a horrible accident. It's free of the trademark audio gimmickry, and there's one moment that makes me cry every single time. It's perfect.

In the underrepresented category of "Not Radiolab/TAL/99% Invisble": The Sacred Nature episode of To the Best Of Our Knowledge is excellent. My favorite segment is The Search for Silence, about a sound engineer who seeks to preserve areas that are 100% free of human-generated noise. His field recordings are stunning.

I recommend Back to Work episodes 1, 2, 3, and 7 to anyone who wants to think about their work and how to make it meaningful and fulfilling. There's a lot of filler, but it helped me put my career and life into perspective, so I think it's worth the time.
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Oh, and the July 21, 2009 episode of The Best Show on WFMU is scorching from start to finish. This is the one where Tom Scharpling and Paul F Tompkins lose it while imagining the hellish world of The Gathering of the Juggalos (which may have jumpstarted the internet's fascination with said subculture). It's a little mean, but it cracks me up.
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My Flop House bids would be Stolen, The Scarlet Letter, and Bullet To The Head, but the aforementioned Oogieloves episode is also capital-E Excellent.
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I remember asking someone for podcast recommendations and she said 'TAL', and I said 'listened once, didn't really get into it'. She said 'no, you need to listen to the Mistakes were made episode.' Amazing. And perfect episode to start with. I've listened ever since.
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Seconding (thirding?) This American Life - 323: The Super and Radiolab's Colors
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While I love the show, I will admit that Love + Radio is very hit and miss. I had to go back and listen to these again to make sure they stood up to my original impressions, but I'm now very sure that everyone should listen to Love and Radio's The List and The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt. I want to stress that each has absolutely nothing in common with the other show other than being on the same series. So if you don't like one, you'll probably like the other. Both hurt my brain in totally different and wonderful ways. If you have the patience to search deep into their archives you'll find other gems, but be prepared to have some things be totally out of left field, for better or worse.
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Best answer: Kasper Hauser 5 - Spicy Pony Head
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My Brother, My Brother & Me

So, if you listen to My Brother, My Brother & Me, you probably know two things:

1. Every year, they do a big Christmas extravaganza show, which, unlike the rest of their program, is appropriate for all ages.

2. The show is primarily sponsored by a website that sells sex toys and BDSM gear. During the promotional segment, they occasionally poke fun at some of the more exotic gear being sold by this vendor.

So, on the Christmas show, they need to, um.... thank the sponsors. While keeping the program PG. I forget which year(s) they did this, but their PG-rated sex toy shilling was arguably one of the funniest things that I've ever heard on a podcast.
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For 99% Invisible, I would point to this one about reversing the flow of the Chicago River.
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The podcast for the Third Coast International Audio Festival is a continual stream of best episodes from podcasts and radio networks around the world. (The tagline for their main show, Re:sound, is "radio you can't hear anywhere else unless you live everywhere else.") It's hard to recommend one best episode, because they're all amazing, but there are two that have particularly stuck with me recently: #190 The Inner Thoughts Show, especially "Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel" by Pejk Malinovski, and #160 The Fate vs. Accident Show, especially "Birdy" by Michael O'Kane.

In addition to Re:sound, which is a compendium of multiple pieces curated around a theme, the same podcast feed also airs occasional longer stand-alone pieces.
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For the love of everything, how has nobody mentioned Superego?

Best of Season 3 Part One Part Two
posted by rifflesby at 7:50 PM on November 4, 2014

For the love of everything, how has nobody mentioned Superego?

Analysis paralysis; they're all so good. I'm glad someone added them!
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Response by poster: Okay, first of all, THANK YOU all so much! There was a whole lot of good stuff here, and a few absolutely AMAZING ones, and a few that were so fucking wretched they had me literally shouting angrily into thin air.
In the last case, this was because I did not allow myself to turn off episodes I hated, so I kept listening, my fury feeding back on itself, impotently making werewolf-faces alone in my basement to no one but the spiders and dustbunnies. If your recommendation managed to evoke such an intense emotional response, I salute you!

here's how I did this thread:

I listened to all the podcasts linked here, with the following exceptions: I didn't listen to most of the This American Lifes and RadioLabs, as I'd listened to nearly all those recommended episodes before. Also, if someone recommended multiple episodes of the same podcast, I generally only listened to one of them, picked at random.


The Truth's "The Talk" was a tight and brief fictional narrative that seemed to be a little perfect ball of roiling emotional energy with phenomenal sound design and voice acting. Totally compelling.

I generally haven't enjoyed Judge John Hodgman, but I found "The Right To Remain Silent" to be a really powerful story about a father and child that hit all my emotional soft spots and had me crying by the end. Thank you!

I thought Analyze Phish's "Hollywood Bowl" episode was a super-fun pretty-laid-back story about someone good-naturedly exploring something they hated, and I found it cheerfully charming, perhaps more so because I don't really like Phish either.

How Did This Get Made's "Punisher: War Zone" episode was so so so good, and will likely lead to me trying out a lot more of the episodes and maybe re-watching the movie; I think I'd always expected this podcast to be smug piss-taking, but I was really delighted by the genuine excitement the hosts had. Wonderful.

The Science Friday with Herzog and McCarthy should have been disqualified for unfairness from the fucking get-go, since it's one of my favorite filmmakers talking with one of my favorite authors, and yet I had no choice but to mark it Best Answer because Herzog is SO HERZOGY here. My only regret is that I could not have seen the other hosts' clearly-trying-to-be-diplomatic faces when Herzog quietly and offhandedly muses that humanity as a species will be ending soon.

Heyoon was good, but we have already established by way of The Talk and The Right To Remain Silent that I am kind of a sucker for the emotional tension of loving parent/child relationships, and I feel like that's more or less what the host/Heydon talk kinda turned into.

AND that also was a major theme with the Tim Gunn interview in jazzbaby's comment, which made me love him even more than I already had. Also in that comment, the Thor's Angels episode initially had me scoffing about how Shyeah Okay I was NOT going to listen to fucking FOUR HOURS of some guy talking about history. Four hours later, I was like, Wow. How About That!

There was nothing particularly amazing about the No Such Thing As A Fish specific episode, but I really liked how it was just a formless collection of interesting facts presented in a rapid-fire-enough way to keep me from ever feeling like they were belaboring their points, and I definitely foresee myself listening to more episodes!

Similarly with the Throwing Shade episode; the content itself was nothing groundbreaking, but the hosts' quickness of wit and TOTAL commitment to straight-facedness was compelling enough that I'd be interested in checking it out on the regular.

And same deal with Sawbones, where I thought Justin McElroy was wonderfully funny and fast and po-faced at all the right points (and was incidentally the best part of My Brother My Brother And Me).

Spicy Pony Head is only three minutes, a single sketch, and appealed to the part of my brain that delights in Vaudevillian broadness and patter. Likewise, while I felt some of the sketches in Superego were not that on-point, the Bond, How British Am I bit from 7m57s to 12m22s hit all the same buttons. I have listened to that probably seven times now.

Again, thank you all!
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Seven Second Delay's first puppet episode.
posted by whuppy at 6:08 AM on December 16, 2014

This is relevant to your interests. Slate: The 25 Best Podcast Episodes.

I half expected it to just be a rip-off of this thread but it doesn't appear that's the case.
posted by bondcliff at 6:14 AM on December 16, 2014

You Look Nice Today: Schadenfunny (not safe for anything. Also, a trigger warning: fancy corporate lawyer that might be a chicken)
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Jack and Ellen from Love and Radio
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Recent podcasts that i have listened to. Here are two
Moth: Fog of disbelief: Nuclear engineer with first hand account in Fukushima and Keep Going: NPR host Peter Sagal on his personal relationship and marathon.
TED Radio Hour: Playing with perceptions: Sarah Jones "characters" explain stereotyping in a different perspective
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"A Day in the Life" from Mike Duncan's excellent History of Rome. It essentially outlines what daily life was for Mr. Joe Roman in the city of Rome at the empire's height of power and prestige. It's one of the few episodes that stands outside of the narrative and it was great. (The two episodes right before it can also be listened to in isolation and are great.)
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Ah, really glad this thread is still open, I just remembered an amazing podcast called A Life Well Wasted, about 'videogames and the people who love them'. It's pretty much defunct (last episode was in 2013), but every episode is exceptionally good, and Episode 2 - Gotta Catch 'Em All about collecting games and Episode 7 - Work are both phenomenal. They're a blend of interviews and trippy audio production and they're just beautifully put together.

I'm still subscribed to the RSS feed, through the last four or five podcast apps I've used, because I hope the creator will start producing them regularly again. There's only seven, so I'd recommend listening to them all.
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Since Sawbones was well received in this thread, I want to add a mention of prior Justin & Sydnee McElroy podcast Losing The Sheen (via). It's only nine episodes long, which is just enough time for it to become loved and then outstay its welcome.

The show chronicles the couple's attempt to watch Two and a Half Men immediately after Charlie Sheen's departure and with no prior experience of the show, and their horror at this nightmare side of American TV. The first episode would be my nomination for this thread.
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