Cancelled show on NPR...NAME?!
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Last year or so, I listened to a radio show on NPR that aired. The basic premise of the show (I think) was very similar to This American Life and was an eclectic mix of interviews of regular old folks, to talking about issues related to living life in general. One of the episodes dealt with two sisters who had run away and they told their story through a series of vignettes about their experiences. Another episode (I think) was an interview of siblings who are gay. The show was only about an hour long each week, but ended up being cancelled due to $$ issues (it's not News & Notes or Day to Day, I've already checked). I'm trying to figure out what the show was!! Any ideas? It was a very grassroots-ey type, low-budget, etc. Thanks MeFi!
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You might be thinking of "Love and Radio".
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Best answer: I heard the piece about the runaway sisters on This American Life, the "Didn't Ask to Be Born" episode. I don't know if this helps, but that particular piece was produced by Sandy Toland of Homeland Productions. Maybe you can see where else it aired?
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I know you said it was cancelled, but could it be The Story?
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Not well-versed in NPR, but the blog mentions some canceled shows here.
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What public radio station do you listen to?

Only some of the programs on public radio stations are produced by NPR, even though everybody always seems to call the stations that. This American Life, for instance, is actually produced by Public Radio International. And a lot of programs are regional or limited to just one station.

If you're using "NPR" in your Googling you might be limiting your results.
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Response by poster: Thanks Rudy Gerner! That was the episode I was looking for (and apparently mis-attributed it to this mystery show). But there is STILL this mystery show that was aired and now is gone....hmmm.

bcwinters, I listen to WAMU, but I searched there...nothin.
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Was the series in question Weekend America? I was so bummed when they canceled it.
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If you remember the timeslot on WAMU, perhaps this January 2008 schedule from WAMU (courtesy of the sometimes flaky Wayback Machine) might help you remember the name.

[You might have to beat on the link a few times to get it to load: has definitely seen better days]
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