Inexpensive. Heavyweight. Black. Jeans.
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The last of my much-loved and discontinued Carhartt B161BLK jeans are showing their age. They're regular/relaxed fit, hard-wearing 14oz denim, black-black, fit over boots, and they cost about $40 when they were still being made. I should have bought a dozen pairs, but I didn't. Is there a decent and reasonably-priced replacement?
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What size are you? This site has 30/30 and 30/32 of your Carhartts in stock.

Otherwise these Levis 571 Bootcut are available in black and the description says "heavyweight denim." From other denim sites, it sounds like heavyweight means 18oz and up.
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Best answer: I don't have any firsthand experience with these, but Duluth Trading has 14.5 oz black denim jeans for $49.50.
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Best answer: Wranglers cowboy cut, seriously!
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Seconding Duluth - they make solid stuff. I have several pairs of various jeans and pants from them as well as quite a few shirts, and they're all very sturdy.
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Would the heavyweight duck Carhartts work for you? I have a pair of them in petrol blue that are 10 years old, though like your jeans they're showing their age.
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I've occasionally had luck searching whatever number you can find on the inside tag. You may be able to find the exact same pair on eBay.
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Response by poster: Thanks: I'm going to give Wrangler and Duluth Trading a shot. I've tried Levi 517s (an old standby) and the quality has plummeted in recent years: the denim is lighter and also seems to be a lint magnet.
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