Virtual Windows Environment Service Provider
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I would like to find a service provider or cloud-based environment that will allow me to offer a Windows-based environment to more than one user at the same time.

-be able to install Windows applications (Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Dropbox, Quickbooks, etc)
-allow employees to easily copy files to and from the environment and print to their local printer
-fast, reliable connection that doesn't impede productivity (or make your blood boil with lag)
-allow for 2 simultaneous users to be able to access the same software and files (with the ability to scale up)

I'm aware of Amazon Work Spaces, but I understand it uses a proprietary connection app, which makes me a bit nervous with respect to quality of performance.

I've also investigated setting up a virtual Windows Server 2012 through Microsoft Azure because I like the RDP protocol. However, their lowest level virtual machines don't seem to have enough horsepower. Furthermore, Azure RemoteApp seems to have a minimum user requirement of 20 users.

I'd like to find a service under $50/month if possible.

Any insights into how this can be achieved would be much appreciated.
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