"Hell House" script wanted!
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Where can I download or view a "Hell House" script, as used by Christian churches to warn teens of the evils of abortion, homosexuality, etc? (These used to be sold as kits, but I can't seem to find where to order one.) A scene by scene breakdown would also be useful... Thanks in advance, sinners!
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Are you looking for Chick tracts or something else?
If you are looking for Chick tracts you can order them off the Chick website.
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"There has been a proliferation of Hell Houses around the country since 1995, when the Rev. Keenan Roberts of the Abundant Life Christian Center in Arvada, Colo., began marketing a Hell House how-to kit: a 270-page instruction manual that costs $199 and includes scripts involving abortion, homosexuality, gang violence, drugs and school shootings."
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Hell House Outreach--kit and how to order. (Not an endorsement; just a possibility. Seems as though all kits are digital these days. This page might help you with keywords for other searches.) This post might also provide avenues for searches.
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Thanks all! Most of the links to the kits were dead, but MonkeyToes found me one. The rest of the info is perfect as well for my needs.
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