What's a good kid-friendly stop-motion animation app for Android?
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My 7-year-old is interested in using her Android tablet to make stop-motion animated videos. There are lots of apps out there that can help do this - which one do you recommend?

It doesn't need to be the most powerful video editing tool in the world, as we're just getting started - the key is something with enough features to make a cool movie but pretty easy for a kid to pick up and use with minimal initial learning curve. I've looked at Stop Motion Studio, which seems to fit the bill, but wanted to see if anyone can confirm or recommend alternatives.

Aside from the tablet, the rest of our home computing ecosystem is made up of Apple products, so something with the ability to export in a format that iMovie can use for doing any additional editing/post-production would be a bonus, but not critical.
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First, make sure the camera is decent - a fuzzy camera makes it much harder (and frustrating) to get details right, and results might be too disappointing to keep doing it. Another thing important - something that will keep the tablet in the same position between frames.

And yes, Stop Motion Studio is exactly how I've come to those conclusions.
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Can't recommend stop-motion software, but I do use LapseIt Pro(Android) for time-lapse (and just found out it has stop-motion capability). You'll definitely need something to keep the camera stable. I like Gorillapods, but the tablet adapter versions are a bit pricey for my taste.
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