Best activity and mood tracking apps?
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I'm after recommendations for an Android app that will prompt me during the day to ask some combination of what I'm doing and what my mood is.

I am specifically looking for an app that will prompt me at unpredictable times during the day to ask for brief inputs about what's going on at that moment. I'm not interested in an app that asks me to look back at the end of the day, and I'm only barely interested in an app that asks me exactly at pre-arranged times.

Desirable features:
-- Prompt at variable times each day, e.g. "roughly every two hours plus or minus 30 minutes".
-- Choose from configurable list of activities (e.g. projects that I have ongoing in work, main hobbies) plus a free text box.
-- Similarly, choose from (configurable?) list of moods and intensities.
-- Prompting for other metrics (e.g. hours of sleep, etc) could be good.
-- Assistance in spotting patterns, e.g. "tend to be in a more negative mood on x day" or "good moods a few hours after eating y".

I'm on Android, so OS-only apps aren't useful to me.
Searching the Play store for tracking apps brings up hundreds of time or mood trackers, but none that seem to do everything I want, especially the unpredictably timed prompts and tracking both activities and moods. So I'm very keen for personal recommendations!
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Track Your Happiness might come close enough for you. Looks like it tracks overall mood, though.
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Oh no, I'm sorry, that's an iOS app.
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Yup, also here to recommend Pacifica:
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I came to recommend Pacifica, too. It's very handy.
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For iOS people: Reporterapp.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations folks, Pacifica does seem along the right lines. Closer than anything I've found myself, anyway.

Frustratingly, Reporter looks like exactly what I want, but isn't available on Android. Ho hum.
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A bit late to this, but you might look at Tap Log for android. It's a flexible logging app that could be adapted to mood tracking with the right setup (worth watching the video). It tracks quantity, rating, free text, location and time tags all entries. Logs and can be combined and strung together to get fairly detailed if you take a few minutes to think through it. You can export to CSV.
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