Vintage/ Classic Car Websites?
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I am looking for recommendations for websites/ blogs that feature photo-heavy articles on classic and vintage automobiles. I already follow Petrolicious. I wouldn't mind something that skews a little more American muscle from the 80's and prior, but any and all recommendations from any genre are welcome.
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Best answer: Have you plowed through the archive at Ate Up With Motor? The effort that guy puts into every article is impressive. The photos are usually there more to illustrate a point than just look pretty, so they mostly aren't professional quality, but there are probably as many as you would have gotten with a magazine feature back in the day when printed car magazines were better than the internet.
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Best answer: You might like Bring A Trailer. It covers cars for sale, but dang there's a lot of nice pics of muscle cars.
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Best answer: You might check out dark roasted blend...while it mostly consists of photosets of general esoterica, there is plenty there for the autophile, including: concept cars of previous decades, kiddie cars, and high-end high-design cars from places you've never heard of that make a bugatti look like a toyota celica. Enjoy.
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Best answer: Speedhunters does photography-heavy features on all types of cars, though tends to lean more modern and Japanese Domestic Market.

Hooniverse is where a lot of the original Jalopnik commentariat fled to.

Old Parked Cars and Curbside Classic are in the vein of Murilee Martin's found-cars-photographed style.
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Best answer: It is more truck oriented but Daily Diesel Dose has lots of pictures and videos and very little annoying commentary.
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Best answer: You could try Hemmnings Classic Car.
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Best answer: Came to say Hemming's, but how about some Flipboard action? Follow a few magazines there.
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