Travelling to Norway from UK tomorrow: Least worst currency option?
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Going to Oslo, Norway tomorrow at short notice - what is the least worst option for getting Norwegian currency with the current terrible state of British sterling? Airport exchange will not accept pre-orders for collection due to market instability, usually a reasonable deal. Should I just draw cash on my debit card when I get to Oslo?
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Best answer: Yes. It's almost always the better option anyway.
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Best answer: Seconding ryanbryan, ATM withdrawal will in most cases be a better value compared to airport exchange booths.
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Best answer: How long will you be there, and what will you do? That generally determines if and how much cash you need. I frequently have to travel in Euro land, the UK and US so I get currency, normally on arrival from the nearest ATM, any cash I have left at end of trip will be used next time. But if I go on one off, short trips to other countries I try hard to manage without foreign currency if I can assume that credit cards are widely accepted. The cash I'd be left with in currency I don't want that I'd either have to change back or write off is normally more than the sum of my credit card fees for hotel/taxi/meals.

If you're going to be there for a while I guess withdraw on arrival, yes. Ask yourself how much your time is worth, when considering the time and effort you are willing to spend on saving a couple of quid by hunting down the best exchange rate and lowest, lowest withdrawal fee?
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Response by poster: Thanks all - debit card it is.
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MoneySavingExpert has recommended the Halifax Clarity credit card for a while now as their best deal. You can take cash out on it with no fees (apart from local ATM fees) and no forex/transaction costs. I'm looking into it for future trips myself.
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Not helpful for this trip, but Revolut cards work anywhere and don't have fees or bad exchange rates.
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