Mashup artists similar to Girl Talk?
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Looking for skilled mashup artists with a talent level similar to or better than Girl Talk.

I've just about worn out the code on my Girl Talk MP3's from overplay, and I'm looking for other similar artists. My preference is music covering a range of styles and time periods. Any recommends?
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Avalanches - Since I Left You
Spank Rock - Couche Tard
Dean Gray - American Edit
The Kleptones
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r/Mashups on "that other site" has lots of mashups - though not just the "skilled" ones. I don't know who the best artists there are, but you can browse through the "seal of approval" sections on the right.
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A Plus D
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I am a huge fan of Conrad Tao's mashup things-
He makes mixes and single tracks. Some of my absolute favorites.
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absolutely 100% the kleptones
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The White Panda's mix albums remind me a lot of Girl Talk, just slightly less ADHD in their presentation. I've only heard the first three (VS, Rematch, and Pandamonium) but they've all been solid.

Kid606's The Action Packed Mentalist Brings You The Fucking Jams is a nice time capsule of the peak of the US glitch/mash-up crossover. It's not a full mash-up album, but I think it's worth a listen. Kid606's Tigerbeat6 label (or possibly their bootleg-centric sub-label, Violent Turd) also had a series of 7" single mashups around that time period, if you like his aesthetic.

DJ /rupture's mixes share an aesthetic with Tigerbeat6 (and some were put out on that label), but tend to be a bit more adventurous with their source material. Gold Teeth Thief and Minesweeper Suite are lovely; they do the hyper-active pop/IDM thing that was in vogue around the millennium and drag in all sorts of stuff from further afield (free jazz, spoken word, "world music", black metal, etc). He's been keeping busy since then, but I'm not very familiar with recent material.

Diplo's early mixes might fit the bill for you (they also might raise questions about cultural appropriation). Piracy Funds Terrorism, Favela on Blast, I Like Turtles, and Top Ranking all have something going for them.

If you're not familiar with 2 Many DJ's/Soulwax, their As Heard On Radio Soulwax series is worth a listen, if only because they were incredibly influential on artists like Girl Talk. I think there are a dozen albums, which are only available via piracy if I recall correctly (never mind, I just checked and it seems like they managed to get enough sample clearances to put out one official mashup album). Google should be able to find them for you.

Thirding the Kleptones.
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Bruneaux is the closest currently-active artist I can think of off hand.

Americo Gazaway mostly specializes in two-artist combinations, and might therefore not be exactly what you're looking for. He's good at the thing, though.

DJ Z-Trip and DJ P, both together and separately (though they're DJs, so (pedantic) these are blends, not mashups), were some of the pioneers of the style, and their stuff holds up very well.
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My husband loves the Beastles (mashups if the Beastie Boys and the Beatles).
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If you want a central clearinghouse to find new stuff on the regular, check out bootie mashups.
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Neil Cicierega
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If you are going over to /r/mashups, look at the top where you'll see the tabs that says "Hot" (default), New, Rising, etc. Click on "Top" and you'll find the top-voted posts for that sub, which you can then filter using the "links from:" menu so you can get all-time top posts, or recent posts by month, week, day.

Or, just go directly to Top posts.
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I'm particularly fond of their Get Back mashup of the Beatles, LCD Soundsystem, and the Kinks.
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Hood Internet. Mash ups of less mainstream songs, but their song with (here) Grizzly Bear and Dead Prez is still one of my favorites.
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The KLF. The genre doesn't exist without their genius.
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Does Kid Koala count?
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Seconding a box and a stick and a string and a bear above - the Kid606/Violent Turd releases linked there are great. Emphasis on Mochipet's LP 'Combat': lots of mashups predicated on overlapping song/artist names alone, like Barry White vs. The White Stripes vs. White Lion. The whole thing is up on his bandcamp, along with hours and hours more.
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Max Tannone, particularly Mos Dub.

And of course, The Grey Album
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The Hood Internet
DJ Earworm
Mashup Germany
Bootie Mashup has a variety
Pumpthebeat has a mashup category
and for your festive needs - Christmash
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My intro to this world was the Super Mash Bros-- maybe it's nostalgia "quality-wise"-- they're not Girl Talk-- but I still like them.

+1 to the Grey Album as something that also stands up to a few years of listening.

Also, this might be more niche, but do you know about In the G4 Over the Sea?
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Wax Audio
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E-603 and Flying White Dots
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DJ Shadow was the original
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I called Steinski, and he said, 'if this is anyone other than Dickie Goodman,' you're stealing my bit.'
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Can't believe I'm the first MeFite to recommend dj bc!

Also of note: wait what, Wugazi, Cut Chemist, and Amerigo Gazaway.
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