Need sources for new mashups
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I used to be really into the mashup scene, but in recent years I've really fallen behind and only have one or two blogs that I'm following that don't really post new things that often. Does anyone have any recommendations? General remix blogs are fine, too, but I'm mostly looking for the classic 'multiple songs shoved together to make new ones' type.
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The Foolklegs collection from 2011 is one I've been into lately.
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I just poke around in the mashups tag on soundcloud - I've found some awesome stuff.
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You didn't say which one or two you follow... Bootie Blog?
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I assume you are familiar with Girl Talk?
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Response by poster: I think I was a bit unclear - what I'm looking for are frequently/recently updated blogs focusing on mashups. Girl Talk's last album was from 2010, and Bootie Blog only posts a few tracks every month (if they remember).
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Not really blogs, and not sure if its really current but maybe GHP and Madeon (also see).
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Combing the forums at GYBO can be fruitful.
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Soundhog used to update more frequently than he does now, but he's one of the better (UK based) ones, though he doesn't like the term 'mashup' much....
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