How to register my lease car in Florida
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Hi I lease a GM- Chevy Malibu in Ohio I am moving to Florida and I called the registration office and they say that they need the title... Florida holds the title in their office and not the lienholder?? I am so confused about this This is crazy- GM owns the car not Florida
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My parents just transferred their car registrations to Florida. I had to mail them their titles so they could show them to the Florida DMV. The Florida DMV did not hold onto the titles--they were just required as proof of ownership.
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I think you have to contact GM and ask them what needs to be done. You need to tell them that you are moving anyway.
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Oh yeah, lee's answer reminded me--when I was researching stuff for my parents, I discovered that Florida has this electronic title system. It didn't prove to be applicable to my parents' situation, but looking at the list of lienholders who participate in this system reveals that GM seems to be a participant. Maybe you can ask GM if this is true. Then you could just avoid paper entirely.
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The law in Missouri also requires the title to register a vehicle. I had to contact my lienholder and get them to send the title directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Missouri, who made a copy and sent it back to the lienholder. They had a specific form to send to the lienholder that I suppose prompts them to do what is necessary. You may want to check with the DMV and see if that is the same in Florida, assuming that xyzzy is not correct and you do have to do it "by hand."
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should not be a big deal. you will pay a out of state fee, a title fee, transfer fee & then your tag fee & you will need to prove you have insurance at that time. it's all in the computers, just give them money till they are done taking it.
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