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So, I really like a rolling finger-picked guitar (and/or other strings). Song's like Steve Miller's I Love You, The Dead's Friend of the Devil, and I suppose anything that Leo Kottke ever did, ex. Ojo. But al of those are almost fifty years old. Help me update my listening.
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A few personal contemporary favorites:

Glenn Jones

Daniel Bachman

Jack Rose (RIP)

Laura Baird (banjo)

Ben Chasny/Six Organs of Admittance
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Give The Tallest Man On Earth a shot.
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Kaki King.
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Just saw Leo recently. He still has it! Here are some other finger-pickers who are virtuosos, though mostly older folks, too. RIP where applicable. Styles range from the Blues to Jazz to Country:

Pierre Bensusan; John Fahey; Chris Smither; Michael Hedges; Tuck Andress; Rory Block; Stephan Grossman; Tommy Emmanuel; Pete Huttlinger; Jorma Kaukonen; Jerry Reed; Chet Atkins; Merle Travis; Don Ross; Adam Rafferty; Mike Russo; Buster Jones.

Hope some of these players appeal to you!
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I came in to post the list zchrys did. Good stuff. Also see The Black Twig Pickers.
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Definitely check out Don Ross.

Also check out Candy Rat Records (the label Ross is on). Very fingerstyle-heavy lineup of players, including Andy McKee, who's had a few viral youtube hits.

Would also recommend giving Boubacar Traoré a listen as well to see if his playing is of interest - I rather enjoy it:


Kar Kar

Je Chanterai Pour Toi
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William Tyler, Cian Nugent, Daniel Bachman, The Imaginational Anthem series of compilations that Tompkins Square released (infact a lot of Tompkins Square releases would be relevant), James Blackshaw, Nathan Bowles (Banjo)
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Harry Tausig on Tompkins Square.
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Oh! Almost forgot...check out Kelly Joe Phelps. He does both slide and non-slide fingerpicking:

Country Blues

Go There
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