Breakfast, brunch or lunch with a view in Manhattan?
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My mom and I will be going to NYC next week to see Hamilton (!!!!) and I'd like to take her to a nice breakfast/brunch/lunch with an interesting and beautiful view of the city on Tuesday.

We'll be staying in Hell's Kitchen and will go to MoMA after we eat, but don't restrict answers to those areas as we can go wherever. I'm not super concerned about price, but the $128 for 4 courses at the Modern at MoMA is too expensive sadly, also I would have to order the foie gras on the DL so as not to incite my mom's wrath.

I looked at Asiate at the Mandarin and may end up there for lunch, but their service stops between 10 am and 12 pm and that was the timeframe I wanted to go in. My other thought is Robert in the design museum, I've been before and the view is lovely but the food was not memorable as of late 2013. Mom is not an adventurous eater, doesn't really eat most seafood and will not love traditional ethnic food of most cultures (e.g., no sushi or non-fusion Asian or Ethiopian.) Any other recommendations?

Bonus question: Any general tips for #Ham4Ham? We already have tickets but we want to soak up as much Ham as possible during this trip and I can't even really figure out what time to arrive to see it.
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Do you want a specific sort of view, or just a generally 'nice view'? Does it need to be high up, or is ground-level ok?
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Just a general nice or unique view although high up is preferable. Moms love views.
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Ooo, how about Stella 34? It's in Macy's on the 6th floor and has a view of the Empire State Building. I have never been there but it's well-reviewed!
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Update: apparently she loves dim sum so that would be awesome.
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Kind of touristy, but you can't get more "view" than a revolving restaurant.
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The view from the Lobby Lounge at the Mandarin is very nice (overlooks Central Park) and they have things like sliders on the menu for the non-adventurous eater.
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The Hamilton in-person lottery opens at noon and closes at 12:30 on Wednesdays only. They do the show around 12:25. Don't know how early you need to get there for a good viewing spot though! Definitely enter the digital lottery each day you're there just in case.
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If dim sum is on the table Nom Wah in Chinatown is great. Doesn’t have views but is A) it is delicious. B) makes the claim of being New York’s first dim sum restaurant. Maybe for one of your non-view meals. Hours are 10:30 am to 10:30 pm. And then you're right by the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory!!!

Pork Bun,
Soup Dumplings
Fried sesame ball with lotus paste
are my must gets everytime.

If you're willing to deal with getting to Dumbo The River Cafe is a boat that looks out on the East River that is a fancy restaurant. I t looks like they have a la carte breakfast options for about $25 an entree and a fixed price brunch for $55 per diner.
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For lunch, Bouchon at the Time Warner Center has a simply terrific view of Columbus Circle and the southern edge of Central Park, looking east.

From the menu, I'm not sure if they do the grilled cheese sandwich anymore (heaven! and rated one of the city's best!) but they have this tomato soup that transcends tomato soup. And fantastic desserts. A little pricey, but hey, it's New York. Reservations recommended.
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