driving instructor bookers?
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Is there an Uber for learning how to drive a manual car in the UK? The driving school market has collapsed and it is very difficult to find anyone at the moment.
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Did you look at what the Institute for Advanced Motorists is offering locally?
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There's a government page which gives a list of approved instructors based on postcode.
(sardonxy's link is for advanced courses, not the sort you'd need to take the basic driving test).
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Short answer, no, anyone who charges for lessons must be a fully qualified driving instructor (or a trainee driving instructor). But if you're not paying, then nearly anyone can help you learn - as long as they're over 21, & have had their UK-valid license for >3 years then they can legally accompany you. (personally, I'd want a pro for the first couple of runs out if I'd never used a clutch before, but family & friends are probably fine after that).
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