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I am in search of a solution that would allow me to live stream an event. Snowflake details inside.

I am part of a rotating panel of guests on a podcast and the host wants to do a live "call-in" show. Normally, we get together and record episodes using Skype and later the host edits the show and posts it for public consumption.

Now, the host wants to do a live show where they bring in people to chat and the like, for others to listen in live as it is happening. Note that all participants are in different areas of the world, so the event can't be broadcasted from a single site. Video is not needed and in fact not desired, because this is an audio podcast. Also there is absolutely no money to be spent on this, so any option needs to be free.

What is the best solution for this? Facebook Live? Livestream? Google Hangout?

Thank you!
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Some alternatives to Twitch might be useful. No idea if you can just disable the video portion, though.
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Google Hangouts On Air is a good optionfor this. You can disable your cameras. It's a little annoying to promote people to being "on stage"; you have to figure out a way to invite them to join the hangout out of band. Asking people to DM you their google account email addresses or something works okay IME.
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YouNow! I've been using this for business seminars and it works really well.
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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. They were a big help! I think we have things sorted now.
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