Lesbian London in one night?
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Myself and my girlfriend have an unexpected day and night in London, England tomorrow (Saturday, May 28). What should we do and where should we stay?

We are two women in our early thirties, and are looking for something interesting and gay to do tomorrow (may 28) in London! We are also looking for a cheap place to stay, and would love to stay in a gay neighborhood if possible. Aside from gay and lesbian things, we are open to any suggestions about alternative and unique places to visit and eat, on the cheap. Give us the scoop on gay or interesting neighbourhoods and attractions? We know nothing about London. Cheers !
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I have no personal knowledge to impart, but I would recommend taking a look at Autostraddle's queer girl guide to London (if you haven't already). It's a bit old, but I'd hope some of it holds true.
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