What is this potted plant?
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Asking for a friend who recently acquired an unknown houseplant from another friend. Can you identify this plant and offer any advice on care?

Here is the plant in question. My friend thinks the plant may not be doing well in her care.
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Portulacaria afra, elephant bush. And your friend is right; my guess would be long-term underwatering, but it's hard to diagnose from a photo.
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It's a Jade Plant trained to look like a tree. It's not in the worst of shape, but could use some TLC.
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It's a jade plant that's been underwatered for a while.
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The fact that it's been pseudo-bonsaied is likely part of the problem. These things are produced en masse, from cuttings of sometimes questionable health and with little concern for whether they live more than a few weeks. (That said, the portulacarias can make stunning bonsai specimens if properly cultivated.)

I would submerge the entire pot (take it off the tray) in room temperature water for 10 minutes, pull it out and let it drain completely. Thereafter, let the soil become dry to the touch before watering until it runs freely. If it doesn't perk up, then there's likely to be little lost in repotting it in good succulent compost to see if that helps.
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