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Please help me add to my list of pop songs that have a great low frequencies.

I really like pop songs that have a wide dynamic range, particularly a strong presence of chunky, thumpy low frequencies—bass drum, bass guitar, clavier/organ, cello—whatever! Here's what's on my playlist so far:
What are some other must-have bassy pop tunes?
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You'll probably find something of interest here: The Wire - Low End Theories special: YouTube playlist
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The Police, I Burn For You has Sting doing an upright bass riff towards the end, and The Barenaked Ladies' cover of Lovers In A Dangerous Time has a cello solo.
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Best answer: Pony by Ginuwine is my current go-to. Eminently crankable, pre-loudness dynamics and a unique bass sound.
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I am eponysterically required to suggest Station to Station (bass starts around 1:20)
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The bass on Devo's "Mongoloid" always gets me.
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Best answer: A lot of the Peter Gabriel stuff that Tony Levin was on, like Shock The Monkey or Big Time, has massive bass sounds.
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Best answer: Rihanna's "Work" has incredible bass on a proper sound system.
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Billie Jean
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Stevie Wonder: Tell Your Heart I Love You.
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Best answer: In a different vein, The Band - Up On Cripple Creek has a satisfying low end. My system didn't reproduce it all that well until I added a sub.

Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine (pre-remaster) can be a tad thin on some set-ups, but Down In It opens with that deep, full kick and has great dynamics.

Nicki Minaj Trini Dem Girls is not dynamic in the pre-loudness wars sense of having a high dynamic range but the punch to that bass line ... damn. Ditto a lot of Beyoncé: Deja Vu is one I keep coming back to. Bouncy bass line, thumping drums ... good stuff.
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That said: Weeping Song; Newtons Gravitätlichkeit (and plenty of other Neubauten, how about 12305te Nacht or the entirety of "Solo Bassfeder"); The Strawbs' New World, uh lots more I'll get back to you.
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Chemical Brothers, Under the Influence.
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Phat Planet, Leftfield
Cowgirl, Underworld
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Another one from Underworld - 8 Ball
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Dark Side of the Moon has a heartbeat under (almost?) all the songs that is only audible on a very good sound system played at a pretty high volume. (Boom boom. Boom boom.)

Nantucket Sleighride, by Mountain.

Sail, by AWOL Nation.

Steady as She Goes, by the Raconteurs.

Dangerous, by Big Data.

Crawling Back to You, by the Arctic Monkeys
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Best answer: Yet another Stevie Wonder: For Once in My Life, which has a justifiably famous bass line from James Jamerson that seemingly does not repeat a single lick or phrase, despite being on point and complementary to the melody at all times. Here's that bass line isolated and graphed.
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Shriekback. All Lined Up and My Spine is the Bassline to start with...
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Green Day - Longview
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El-P's bass production on the Run the Jewels albums is amazing. I'm thinking particularly of Oh My Darling Don't Cry and Close Your Eyes from RTJ2.

Also, Grimes's new album Art Angels is full of great bass. C.f. Realiti (play loud).
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Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low
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Pretty much anything by Morphine, particularly Buena.
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Sly and The Family Stone - If you want me to stay
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No one posted Destiny's Child yet? Jumpin' Jumpin' surprised me!
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The new Esperanza Spalding song is pretty nice: "One"

Some of my favorite girl group songs with pumping bass:
Perfume - Game
SISTAR - Alone
9Muses - Glue
Red Velvet - Time Slip
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Ooh, forgot to include this. These are probably my two favorite Namie Amuro songs, Damage (eng sub) and Break It (eng sub). The guitar and bass lines in both are super delicious. The SISTAR and 9Muses songs I recommended earlier, also have some really nice bass guitar work too.
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Also it sounds totally obvious in 2016 to mention Uptown Funk, but there's a really interesting section on Wikipedia about the inspirations present in the song, that would be good to look at.
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Purity Ring - Stranger Than Earth

For some serious thump, check out J Dilla's remixes of various pop/r&b artists. Vivian Green - Fanatic is one example, but there are a bunch floating around out there.
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James Blake's self-titled album sounds incredible through some great speakers.
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Massive Attack - Angel is huge. If a track has more low end than this then it has too much.
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DJ Magic Mike *Bass is the Name of the Game* has the most outrageous bass I've ever encountered.
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DEV - Bass Down Low
Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
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Monarchy - Dancing in the corner (features swears) - this one makes my car doors buzz, love it.

Some awesome bass-y ladies, quite different styles but both have that low range oomph: Kendra Morris and Banks.
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Candy Perfume Girl from Madonna's Ray of Light album has some room-shaking bass.

See also pretty much anything else by William Orbit, especially Water From a Vine Leaf on Strange Cargo 3 (my home theater sub is the only thing I have that can reproduce its bottom line).
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The Beatles — With a Little Help from My Friends, Rain

Queen — You're My Best Friend

Prince — Cream, Controversy, Strange Relationship

Stevie Wonder — I Wish, Bird of Beauty, Boogie on Reggae Woman

Morphine — Honey White
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I find the bass on Missy Elliott's WTF to be excellent
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Pretty much all of No Doubt's Rock Steady record was produced with bass in mind.
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Jane's Addiction - Summertime Rolls

More of a rock song, I guess, but wow, that bassline.
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Response by poster: Fantastic stuff! Thanks everybody! Also, a special award goes to DirtyOldTown for indirectly leading me to Vulfpeck. HOLY WOW.
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