Eating out in Budapest
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Have you been to Budapest recently? Can you recommend restaurants/pubs/cafes with local fare that are not tourist traps and are decently priced? And also bars where a couple can have a pleasant martini or two? Thanks!
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1dad1kid's very recent Food Tour - Budapest and Wonderful Budapest Restaurants blog posts.
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Yes, and yes. We had very nice pasta at the low key reasonably priced Millenium da Pippo, a truly incredible foodie dinner at the Jewish Quarter's Zeller Bistro (make reservations!), nice pastries and coffee at the Riso Ristorante, lovely Vietnamesse food at the very hip Sao restaurant (Jewish Quarter), a marvelous romantic dinner at the La Perle Noire Restaurant and Lounge (embassy district), and a pleasant Hungarian meal at the Varosliget Cafe and Restaurant (Heroes Plaza). We had a touristy but delicious lunch at the Cafe Operette too.

My recommendation is to download Trip Advisor, check out the reviews, and make reservations whenever possible. Budapest is full of wonderful places to eat. The hippest area is the Jewish Quarter but there's plenty of good food all over.
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It's been a few years since I went, but the last time I was in Budapest I had a meal at a Trófea Grill. Yes, it's an all-inclusive buffet, but the food was quite good, and we were the only non-Hungarians in the place. They also serve more traditional and home-style food than you'll find in most restaurants.
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We had a really nice meal at Aranyszarvas--"The Golden Hind," which reflects their emphasis on game. It's located in Buda, quite near Buda Castle. Prices are around $10-12/entre--traditional Hungarian dishes but artfully done. Service was also great. I had the deer in game sauce and the "floating islands" for desert and it was soooo good.
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Cyrano restaurant on Váci Street is one of my favourites.
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Doblo was my favorite place ever.
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Just to add my two favourites that are still in walking range from the center but definitely local and no tourist traps.

On the posh (but still affordable) end: Rosenstein Vendéglő. This is my personal favourite, a fusion of old-school hungarian and jewish cuisine. Their slogan is: "A restaurant where the owner is the chef" and it's really true. Usually the whole family is in the restaurant working either in the kitchen or sitting next to the door and greeting guests while doing paperwork/fork polishing. The only possible negative thing is that it's next to Keleti, in a little bit rundown street but the owners consider this as a feature. :) (Also, it's funny to see the fancy, expensive cars in front of the restaurant in that neighborhood.)

If you want to try local stuff in a less expensive place, you can try Szlovák Étterem. It's next to Nyugati and it is a nice, cozy and clean place with simple czech/slovak/hungarian food. If you go there, be sure to check the czech beers.

Please, let me know if you went to one of the above and if you liked it!
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