What car accessories do I need if I work out of my car?
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Just got a new-to-me Lexus ES 350 sedan. It does not have much room in the cockpit for storing all of the doo-dads that I use every day as I work out of my car. What accessories have you found helpful?

This is supposed to be our "nice" car, so I do not want the cockpit to end up looking cluttered. In previous cars there have been various storage spaces for all manner of writing utensils (which I use frequently during the day), a place where it was reasonable to have a small trash bag, a useful change holder for parking meter quarters, several cup holders which I repurposed to hold things. I often have files on my passenger seat that I have to refer to and move around frequently so I can't see putting any sort of container on the seat. Bonus challenge is that I have two car seats in the back and I'm trying valiantly to keep any clutter from accumulating in the back seat.

I'd like to hear suggestions of what others use to keep necessary car clutter wrangled while still keeping the cockpit presentable and easy to get into if I need to give someone a ride on short notice.
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What about a hanging file organizer like this one? You can have different folders for the files you need to refer to, plus a hanging one in which you can hide a trash bag. You can clip something to hold some coins to one of the holes. You can also attach a pocket protector to the outside. It would then be one fairly small and light item to move to your trunk on short notice.
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Something like this Cab Commander from Duluth Trading?
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I should clarify; I am not concerned about the files as they get removed from the car frequently (although I appreciate those suggestions). I'm concerned about pens, pencils, erasers, sticky note pads, hair ties, a nail file, and perhaps a more convenient place to put my phone. And a good way to store quarters. In other words, things that need to stay in the car.

The Cab Commander looks interesting.
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Look below and to the left of your steering wheel. Many Lexi have a spare change compartment that opens by pressing down on a button/switch. It tilts out from the panel where it resides. It also has an interior that can be removed for more easy access to contents.
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(Not going to threadsit, I promise) I am aware of the little change holder on the left of the steering wheel however I normally keep about $10 worth of quarters in my car at any given time. The existing changeholder cup is too small for that volume of coins. Thanks for the tip though!
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What about something like this - it would keep all your office stuff together so it's trivial to put it away when you're not working and it would keep things in reach in the passenger seat?
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I'm concerned about pens, pencils, erasers, sticky note pads, hair ties, a nail file, and perhaps a more convenient place to put my phone.

I think you just need to shift your way of thinking about these items in order to accommodate them in your new space. $10 worth of quarters is only 40 quarters; they can go in a ZipLoc in the glove compartment. For your phone, either get a dash-mount (which is safest anyway) or stick the phone in the cup holder. I would put the pens, pencils, etc into a roll-up toiletry bag; they come in every possible configuration and colour. If you need easy access to it, lay it out unrolled on the passenger seat or passenger footwell. (You can also mount a Command Hook under there where the hook won't be seen, I guess...) When it isn't needed, you can roll it up and chuck it under the passenger seat.
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Just a follow-up, after looking over all of the excellent suggestions (thank you!) I've decided to re-purpose a stroller organizer that we already had on hand. I'll be able to put it on the floor next to the seat and move it easily as needed.
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