Why are C-sections common for surrogacy?
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Recently I read a story about surrogacy on Cup of Jo and it was mentioned the C-sections are common for surrogates. I've googled and haven't come up with any reasons why (but have confirmed that they are common) and thinking too hard about C-sections makes me queasy, so I turn to AskMetafilter yet again!

I have zero interest in becoming pregnant/or being a surrogate, this is mere curiosity.
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My guess is that it’s because they can be scheduled so it’s easy for everyone to know when to be present. Inductions can be scheduled, but that can be a days-long, less predictable, process. I had a scheduled induction that began on a Tuesday and the baby was born on Thursday.
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This website elaborates.
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Aha! The scheduling concern makes sense. There were comments on the story I linked asking why it was common, so I'll have to spread the knowledge. Thanks for your lightning fast answer, Kriesa!
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Surrogacy, particularly egg-donation kind, has a much higher rate of complications as well.
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