ISO San Francisco site for reception w/mini-performance, prefer downtown
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My choir does an annual concert, a full Saturday / Sunday evening performance, every fall, for several hundred people. This year we want to add a Spring or Summer after-work weeknight reception at a downtown location. Concept is wine, beer, snacks, and a place for us to perform 5 or 6 songs. For everyone's work friends who aren't likely to attend two hours on the weekend. Site recommendations?

A place like Minna Gallery is the right idea, but we can't afford that level of event package. We're basically looking for: (1) a room we could rent where we could set up our own food and drink; (2) an affordable bar / restaurant with a private room we could reserve; (3) another idea that would meet the goal.
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Call Cafe du Nord. A friend of mine had a wedding reception there and the vibe was about as you describe. I think there is space for a small group to set up and perform a few songs. Not exactly downtown, but very close to the Church St. MUNI stop. I have no idea how much it costs, though.
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I don't know what Minna charges as a baseline of what is out of your price range, but The Center for New Music does rentals. It's not huge, but it's an interesting space.
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How about the Strand, the new ACT venue on Market? I have no idea what rental rates are.

Also theater bay area has got a directory/website of performance spaces, maybe that could point you somewhere.
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Try the UUSF on Franklin Street. You can rent their facilities.
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