All Things Weird and Wonderful to do in the East Bay and SF
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I'm spending a working sabbatical in Berkeley from July 25-August 25. I grew up there, so I have a general sense of places to go, but I'm out of it in terms of what cool organizations/spaces do cool and crazy things that I should keep tabs on while I'm in town in Berkeley, Oakland, and SF. I know about the Prelinger Archive and Southern Exposure and the Roxie in SF, but that's about it. What mailing lists and websites for different places should I be keeping my eyes on while I'm there?

I'm thinking weird film screenings, great music, comedy, misc. uncategorizable cultural events, weird and wild and cool and wonderful performances, all sorts of strangeness.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Fun Cheap SF is a pretty good guide to random goings-on.
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Laughing squid is a good resource.

There's also First Fridays/Art Murmur in Oakland around Telegraph and 25th on the first Friday of every month.
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The Eastbay Express and the Bay Guardian have loads of listings you may want to keep tabs on.
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you probably want the squidlist, actually.

I get the best info via listservs from art projects I'm affiliated with, so if you have time to do some volunteering, it'd pay off big time in social activities. The Crucible might be an easily accessible place to start, because they're more formally organized than most.

Another good entry point is any of the dance communities. There's a lot of salsa going on, zydeco, swing and a bunch of types of ballroom, including the easily learned Victorian version of the waltz (for example, East Bay Waltz meets weekly, and the Gaskell Ball is every two months.)
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The Berkeley kite festival at Cesar Chavez Park is on July 28th and 29th.
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If you are at all into alt culture, raunch and anything goes and can stand a night of dirty language and rhymes, Tourette's Without Regrets is the place to be. (Check out their website first, to make sure.)
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The Pacific Film Archive. First Friday in Oakland.
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