use of leitmotifs in Star Wars
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Do you know of a good source explaining and analyzing the use of leitmotif in Star Wars?

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Though only about a specific character/family, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's recent spoiler-ridden article for the Huffington Post discusses some musical themes.
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Your question prompted me to do some searching, and I'm listening to Classical Classroom, Episode 4: Leitmotif in Star Wars with Brett Mitchell right now.
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"Star Wars, Music and Myth" by James Buhler
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This article in Mashable. The author is a music theory professor who focuses on film music (and is a crazy John Williams fan), and if you reached out to him directly he would certainly give you more resources, if not chat with you directly about it.
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Pre-Web, maybe 20 years ago, Asimov's Science Fiction (or maybe Analog? but I think Asimov's) had an article or three by a SF author who is also a composer, looking at theme variation and inversion and uses of syncopation in Williams' scores. IIRC the author had a longish, maybe Indonesian name and publishes under several variants of it. I remember playing the example staves in the magazine, and can't narrow down anything else.
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It must be S. P. Somtow.
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The liner notes for the Star Wars soundtrack CD's have essays about the music, including discussion of the leitmotifs.
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+1 liner notes of the soundtrack; one song is even called "Leia's theme" iirc.
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