Dental work- Medicare? Recommend a provider in NYC?
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What levels of dental work are covered by Medicare? I need work and am stuck w/ the NYU Dental School. Does anyone have experience w/ an eligible Dentist in NYC?
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Medicare does not cover most dental work (unless it's a part of jaw surgery or something similar). Lack of affordable dental care is considerable problem among Medicare beneficiaries. If you're also eligible for Medicaid (dual eligible), there are some more options, though they are limited.

It's possible you could get on a Medicare Advantage plan that includes some limited dental coverage, but you'd probably have to wait until open enrollment, which doesn't help you much. Those plans also have significant limitations on what they'll cover and what doctors you can see, so it's worth talking to a Medicare counselor before you decide on anything.
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Have you had a bad experience with NYU, or are you just preemptively concerned about quality? I have a friend on Medicaid who uses them and is generally satisfied with her treatment there.
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