How do I receive tax credits I forgot to sign up for on
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Forgot to sign up for tax credits, received no money back on tax return. Is sending in an 8962 the way to get this tax credit money back?

Last year I forgot to sign up for tax credits when I was applying for insurance on for the state of Lousiana. I was paying a very high premium ($311) and had a low income last year. I was assuming that I would receive money back on my taxes this year. When I got my 1095-A and entered it on Turbotax I didn't receive any money back. I called about this and it seems I forgot to enter the form to receive tax credits when I originally applied. The representative told me I could file an 8962 form to claim credits I believed I was eligible for. It seems the way to do this through turbotax is to file, and amend the return but only to fill out an 8962 then send it through the mail. Is it still possible for me to get my tax credit? Is sending the 8962 seperately from my return the way to go?
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