Pampers Easy-ups: is there a difference between girls and boys versions?
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There are Easy-ups training pants with Thomas the Tank Engine on it, but Pampers says they're for boys and the girls version is Disney Princesses. Is there any difference in the design of these besides colour?

My little girl loves the colour blue and trains, so naturally is a huge Thomas fan. This has not been an issue for clothes because at this age the clothes fit pretty much the same on boys and girls. Wondering if buying the Thomas diapers will result in leaks because of specialized design, or if they're the same thing.
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The cores are in different places.
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Yeah, I think the really absorbent part in the boy's version is right in the front. It's moved towards the middle/bottom for girls.
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My daughter loved the "boy" pull-ups and we never had a leakage problem. We never used the Easy-ups but it is worth a shot. I would just start with a small package.
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I used a pack of princess ones for my son, didn't have any leaking problems.
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We also used boys pullups for our girls about half the time because they liked the designs better. We had no leak problems compared to the weeks when they chose the girly designs.
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No difference in function as far as I can tell!
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We've used the boy and girl ones for both our daughter and son, and I haven't noticed a difference as far as leakage goes. Even if the core is placed differently, they both seem to do the trick.
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Huh, first I've heard of the core being positioned differently. I have a boy and a girl and they have both worn both genders to no noticeable difference.
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My son's used Doc McStuffins pulls ups and we've never noticed any differences. (Except his babysitter got irritating judgemental but that says nothing about the diapers....)
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the cores are different but unless your child is already prone to leaks, it won't be an issue.
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We alternate "boy" pull-ups for night time diapers and "girl" pull-ups for day as a way to color code them; otherwise, it's too easy to grab the wrong diaper. I've never noticed a difference in absorbency, though for what it's worth, huggies pull-ups are approximately 1000% better than the pampers equivalent because the sides can be refastened.
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