I want to flirt, harmlessly, online. How do I do this, where do I go?
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I have the urge to flirt online. I don't want to do this via any real social channels, because those are all real people and I don't want to hurt any of them.

So my question is: Is there a platform for harmless flirting, messing around, just chatting with no strings attached? I thought Chatroullete might be it but it's nothing but dicks and porn ads. I want real people.

I'm in the mood to chat with someone. It doesn't have to be sexual, but I'd really like to chat with someone, and if video is a possible component, that would be even better.

So, where should I go?
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I'm not really up on all the various subreddits for different apps and varieties of chat but if you start at /r/r4r and dig you'll probably turn up some good leads for what you're looking for.
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If it's video chat, operate on the assumption that it is being recorded and might make its way online.

That said, the above /r/r4r spectrum is where I would start were I you.
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Isn't this basically what Second Life is?
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You might look into the concept of roleplaying - there are lots of different venues and styles, but basically you put on a bit of a role and playact all sorts of things, including relationships. It can be quite freeing if you just want a bit of titillation without any commitment. The venues I'm familiar with are all video games - Second Life, World of Warcraft, etc - but there are probably chat rooms still around. The nice thing is that no one expects *any* of it to be real, including what you say about yourself.
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Missed connections on craigslist.
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Create a Tinder profile and just say what you are looking for in your description. From what I have seen there are lots of people just flirting on tinder during their lunch breaks or at work without any intention of taking things further.

I think tinder has a new feature where you can select a different city to search for people so that might scratch an itch too.
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There seem to be a lot of people on OkCupid just for this very purpose, though they don't say so explicitly. You could mention that this is what you are after in your profile and I bet lots of likeminded people will come running.
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I've found that Craigslist's Strictly Platonic isn't necessarily what it claims to be. Make a post and see who responds!
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OkCupid or Craig's list; just state your desire explicitly in your ad/profile. There should be plenty of takers, esp.if you are a woman (I've done something somewhat similar and had no shortage of replies)
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