I want summer in February
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It's freezing and I want to look at happy green things. Recommend me some gardening blogs?
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Dave's Garden
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Best answer: I looked in your profile and if your location is correct, you could go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum where they have tropical and subtropical plants on display in the courtyard right now.

But yeah, you would have to go outside first. Just thought I'd toss that out there, however.

At least there is a nice slideshow on the Gardner museum page!
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What's in bloom at Longwood Gardens.
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Best answer: Gardenista is always a hit, even though it's more unrealistic garden porn than real life. It'll make you covet an estate or two.

Garden Rant is more informative than pretty but it has plenty of links to other blogs, such as Gardening Gone Wild and May Dreams Gardens.
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Best answer: So, I was in early labor when you posted this question (Ask Metafilter is extremely good at being a distraction) and was quite frustrated not to be able to give you a list of some of my favorite gardening blogs due to not being near my computer (my priorities were clearly a bit out of whack at the time).

Before I start my giant list of blogs, I'll recommend picking up the recently restarted magazine Garden Design Magazine. We got four issues at work from them and they're really really stunning - it is completely without advertisements and the coverage and photography is gorgeous.

This is a longish list.
and dittoing Gardenista although I get frustrated with their tendency to stray from the garden into more home decor related topics ...

My apologies for the cruddy formatting and lac k of descriptions for the blogs the list but the early labor moved on in predictable directions and I now have a newborn who will need to be fed in another 15-20 minutes.

Someone whose travels and work are fun to follow is Karl Gercens - he's a gardener at Longwood and he somehow manages to schedule a lot of long weekends visiting gardens around the country and around the world. I follow him on facebook but his Flickr account is also full of gorgeous gardens and is nicely organized into albums and so on.
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