Inexpensive, high quality boxer briefs?
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It's due time I get myself higher quality boxer briefs as the elastic bands of my current batch of boxers, which I bought only a few weeks ago, are all falling apart on me; the same fate befell the batch I bought before this one. As I'm sick of this happening, I'd like you folks to steer me in the direction of boxers you've found to not be complete pieces of shit. Bonus points if they're stylish. All recommendations are welcome but I don't think I'm willing to spend more than $20 / pair as I'm low on money now and need to keep some money around for . . . things that aren't underwear. If it matters, I'm male. But I certainly don't require anything super manly as I'm not a very masculine dude.
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not super high quality, i think, but i stocked up at H&M about 6 months ago and they're like new til now. they're the stretchy kind, and they have two sizes (longer and shorter leg) that are hard to tell apart from the packaging (i prefer the longer leg). black, plain, simple, comfortable. but no "hole" at the front for some reason. (H&M have lots of styles - these were in plastic packs of 3, i think, and also available in white).
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the elastic bands of my current batch of boxers, which I bought only a few weeks ago, are all falling apart on me; the same fate befell the batch I bought before this one.

Never having had this problem with the cheap ones I buy, I'm wondering whether you might be choosing the wrong size or maybe something's going wrong in the laundry, e.g maybe the dryer is too hot.
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I'm a big fan of Jockey's athletic underwear. There's usually a sale (there's a coupon on there right now) and I do think you get what you pay for when it comes to underwear.
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Kirkland (Costco house brand) boxer briefs have lasted me for a really really long time (years and years). I think they're like $14 for a 4 pack?
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I have had the same problem with cheap lady's underwear, like from Target that come several in a package. The elastic unravels and gets tangled with everything in the drier. I found that investing in slightly higher end cotton panties paid off in that they last a long time and I do not have to keep buying them. Jockey ladies are good, so mens are no doubt good as well. Look for sales. Not the cheapest but not super expensive either and they really do last.
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Husbunny wears Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. They last forever. We wash them in hot water and dry them in a hot dryer. We have NO problems with them losing elasticity or the waistbands falling off.

What brands are you choosing? Where are you?
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Seconding Costco with the note that I got a style there with no fly which might or might not matter to you. Not a Kirkland label, though.

I've been happy with some I got at the Gap. Ones I've bought at Target are not as good, but I've had no problems with longevity.
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EX OFFICIO. Depending on if you can catch a sale, they're anywhere from 10 to 20 a pair. They're designed as "travel boxers" that are easy to hand wash and dry, so the materials hold up really well.

I add that you should also take care to follow the washing instructions on your current underwear - if youre washing on hot and drying on hot instead of say washing cold with tumble dry low you could be sending your underwear (and elastic) to its early demise.
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Dude. I have some RL-Polo brand from YEARS ago...they are 95% cotton, and 5% lycra. BEST boxer briefs ever. I have only 2 pairs left and I guard them like a madman. I only wear them when I need to wear "favorite clothing". And the problem is...I can't find them anywhere. Its like they are gone. This is why I wear them about twice a year.

Don't be a sucker and get 100% cotton so that it gets all loose around your gotta opt for the 5% elastic of whatever so it doesn't become loose.

If you find a brand like that, tell me.
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I too am interested in this... Some data points for your research:

I have some Calvin Klein's I bought from Costco that have held up pretty well, but they're not perfect.

I bought some higher dollar ones from Flint and Tinder (now exclusively sold on Huckberry) and while I loved the look and feel, the elastic in the waistband failed very quickly in the back and I was sad. :-(
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I find that the Jockey ones wear very well, as do Underarmor, though neither is a budget option. I can't speak to relative stylishness, though there are websites focused entirely on the visual appeal of men's underwear that provide this kind of commentary.

From reading previous questions here, though, you will get much more useful advice if you can say something about your build -- different manufacturers clearly target different body shapes, and what works for Mr Beanpole will not work for Mr Bootylicious. Wearing clothes meant for a different shape can lead to premature failure, so your issue may be more than just low quality.
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Line drying anything with elastics will make them last exponentially longer, FYI. It's worth a shot, dryers can really do a number on them even on low heat.
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Line-Drying Bonus: in addition to making your clothes last longer, in the winter, it can help humidify the inside of your house. Undies dry fast, so it's a pretty good option. Double bonus: saves energy.

If you're unhappy with how wrinkled line-drying makes things, you can fluff them in a dryer (maybe with some slightly damp items).
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If you find a brand like that, tell me.

Stretchy and light but durable. Good for cycling and don't show through tighter clothing:
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Uniqlo, dude. UNIQLO.
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My husband swears by and loves the boxer briefs from MeUndies; I also switched to their boyshorts for ladies and oh my god they ARE comfy. Fun patterns, they'll run you $16/a pair, and you can also get in on their design of the month club which is rad.
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2nding MeUndies. Modal, man.
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MeUndies. AMAZING.
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I buy Champion and Kirkland from Costco and they literally last years. Like I have too many pairs of underwear because I buy a new three pack when there's a sale and then come home to remember that I still have pairs from 2009 that are still stretchy and structurally sound. So that's why I am living a life where I own over two dozen of the same damn underwear, thanks for listening. Plus my wife says they do great things for my ass which is never a bad thing.

One thing: I am not obese (not saying you are or making judgements) so I can't say how these gaunch handle a large waist. If that's a factor then please temper my recommendation accordingly.
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My Champion boxers from Costco simply will not die.
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Twenty bucks per pair?! Fruit Of The Loom costs $20 for 7 and last forever.
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Are you near a TJ Maxx, Marshalls or similar? I have bought a ton of Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs on clearance prices (IIRC, 3 for $15 or $20) that are high quality. They have other higher end brands like Calvin Klein too.
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Old Navy boxer briefs have been as good as anything else I've bought and they're not very expensive.
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2nding Old Navy. Much, much better than the Hanes and Fruit of the Loom I used to wear.
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Yeah, the Uniqlo boxer-briefs are by far the best I've ever bought.
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