Best ways to make an audiobook?
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Audiofilter: So, I'm narrating a book and recording it digitally for someone as a Christmas present. (The individual reads AskMe, hence the anon question.) There's about 10 hours of material. Each chapter is ~ 40 minutes long. Are there programs out there that will automatically parse the chapter files I've recorded into small segments for easy indexing while listening?

I've perfectly able to do this manually, but it involves lots of work going into the audio file and hacking away every minute or two when there's a convenient break. I'm also a little worried about putting together the finished CD with 40-60 tracks per disc ... little things like turning off the 2 second pause between tracks, etc. Any pointers on all this? I already have Adobe Audition and Nero's wav editor but I might be missing out on features that could help me here.
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Nero will let you set breaks between tracks when you're making your audio CD. IIRC its fairly intuitive/visible. No clue about the former.
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Audio Hijack Pro has a "Split" button that breaks up a recording-in-progress into a separate file, so that you can narrate, hit "Split" and keep talking without any extra work.

Toast with Jam will let you record tracks onto CD without gaps. Essentially any CD authoring app that follows Red Book standard will let you record without gaps; you might also look into a "disc-at-once" setting that will also allow you to author a disc without gaps.
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CD Wave should be just the ticket, if you are on Windows.
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