Tattoo stars sought
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Tattoofilter: I have a bunch of moles. I'm considering turning them into a constellation. That's great, you say, just draw some lines between them. That's cute, I say, but I don't want to do that. I want to decorate individual moles gradually over time, so the constellation changes. Help me brainstorm small delicate designs that meet some or all of the following criteria:

No tattooing on the moles themselves, and there must be a small space around them so they can be monitored for cancery changes. The moles range around 1/8" - 1/4" in diameter, I envision the designs no bigger than 5/8", smaller is better. There are two I want to do soon and at least a dozen I could add in the future.

They may end up being done by different artists and I like the idea of a variety of styles. I do want them to be unified, if just by color.

The designs should be identifiable as stars but can be abstract about it. They don't need to represent actual constellations or astrology. Evoking historical star charts or real astronomy/physics/space-related science is a plus.

I have checked out this sweet book, and there are a few ideas I could use (e.g. pages 74, 93, 113). Though the cool part of most historical star maps is usually the lines or pictures of bears and gods that connect the stars, the stars themselves are often just circles or star-shaped. I do like simple geometric shapes and patterns in tattoos, so simply surrounding the mole with triangles or radiating circles is an option.

I also like detailed delicate tattoos and the idea of having a talented artist do something beautiful and creative. (Local artists I've been following: @lexitronacon, @annelisaochoa) But I want to give them something more to go on than just "star!" and "pretty!" I have a few ideas, but am just beginning to brainstorm and have a lot of moles so I need more options!
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Have you checked out Custom Tattoo Designs or similar tattoo commission communities? Throw this idea on there and they may be able to help you flesh out your ideal design!
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This image from the Pioneer plaque is the first thought I had
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I love this idea and hope you do it. Could you start by doing your favorite constellations? Big dipper or Sagittarius, something like that? In other words, pick the moles that would allow you do do an accurate representation of the constellation of your choice?
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