Optimal Order Management for magento, with barcode scanner?
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We run a little store with lots of SKUs. Looking for the best configuration to manage inventory, accept orders, and generate shipping labels from bar codes.

We have an existing magento community site. Besides that, we get orders in from various sources, including automated vendors small retailers, and individuals over the phone.

Vendor's POs have different formats, commonly individual PDFs for each sale, and sometimes we're generating these on our own.
Some send us shipping labels, some have us generate labels on their UPS accounts, some we just do ourselves and add to the invoices.

Currently, we copy-paste all orders into a google sheet. Can be worked on from anywhere, and it's a repository for everything, including hyperlinked POs and labels.

We're looking for the best way to reconfigure all various orders as individual printable packing slips, with a barcode that can be scanned to automatically generate labels. Keep in mind that some retailers for whom we dropship have barcode info of their own-- would be nice to simply shoot their data. And of course, it would be nice to have thorough records, without the data entry.
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