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I need to send a birthday card to a US friend by Dec 23rd. Unfortunately, I've just missed the last post for transatlantic posts. I keep hearing of online services that'll post the card for me in the US - but can you suggest any? Also, any that allow me to "scan" in my handwriting for that personal touch get bonus points.
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Best answer: Hallmark seems to have something like this, and if I'm reading correctly so does the USPS. I heard a segment about sending snailmailed cards online on the Kim Komando show a few weeks ago but I haven't been able to track down that particular show to find other sites mentioned.
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I can send it to you. Fedex it to me and I'll drop it in the mail.
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uh thilmony, presumablely he could just as easily fedex the card to the recipient if that were an option. Unless i'm missing something.
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If you're in Cardiff, I don't think you've really missed the last post (nine days to get to the US? Surely not!) Have you merely missed the last surface mail post?

This page on the Royal Mail site suggests worldwide airmail postage within five days. Having used the service London-Melbourne many times, I'd say that this is wildly optimistic - but I'm quite sure that you're still in with a chance for your birthday card.
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Response by poster: Alas, according to the Royal Mail website, the last date for posting to the US before Christmas was 12 Dec. So I'm presuming based on that that Fedex is not an option either. Besides, Fedex is a tad overkill for a birthday card and just calls attention to the fact that I left it late...
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Best answer: I've never minded when cards come late; you could always post it tomorrow, to the devil if it arrives a couple of days late. Blame it on the holiday posting boom. And it's the (belated) thought that counts, right?

or, an offer: I live in the states, and I've got some nice spare cards in my desk drawer. If you'd like to email me your buddy's address (and any scan of a handwritten note, if you've got a scanner), I'll put in your message and mail it to your friend by Friday. merry christmas!

my email is (temporarily) in my profile.
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Best answer:

i've used it several times and i love it
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help. Many great helpful suggestions but takes the scans!
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