Where's my Godzilla DVD?
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Anyone have information as to when (if?) the restored version of Gojira (Godzilla) that toured movie houses last year is going to make it to DVD? I get nothing but blank stares from retailers and my Google-fu returns nada.
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I just checked with my DVD reviewer spouse and avowed Godzilla expert ( he speaks at conferences about it!), and according to him, it was supposed to be out by the end of the year, but there is some controversy, and now it is up in the air. I will email you his email address when I get home tonight and you can contact him directly for distribution info, etc.
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I hope you're talking about the original Godzilla, sans the cheesy Raymond Burr storyline that was shoehorned in for American audiences.
I'd pay very good money for a Region 1 or even Region 0 of that DVD.
I will be watching this thread with great interest.
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sperare or whoever finds out anything, please keep us all in the loop!

I just sent an email out to Rialto pictures, which did the theatrical release. I'll also update to this thread, if I find out anything.
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How about a region 4 disc. Info on adapting your DVD player to be region free here.
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that would be great if you could do that! Do you have any info on what the controversy is? Some licensing problems with Toyo?
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I work for Kim's Video in NYC, and we recently (within the last week or two) received a promo poster for this through one of our distros. I can't remember if there's a date on it or not ( I'm thinking not), but it's a hopeful sign that it's coming out on DVD sometime in the near future.
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That's great news, item! You sure it's the restored version of the original? There is also a new (2004) Godzilla movie that Toho is releasing onto DVD soon. Might be the undubbed version of Godzilla-Final Wars.
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The "latest" godzilla film is "Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)" which features the original Japanese dialog along with English subtitles and an alternative English dubbed dialog track. It came out this week on December 13. It should be available at your local WalMart for $9.84 plus tax.

I usually find news in regards to what is being released to DVD via VideoETA and Digital Bits.
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If you're still watching this thread, yes, it's for the restored "Burr-less" Godzilla. No date on the poster. I'll let you know if I see anything else.
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