I can't find a simple song/ Even after years of searching
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I know all the lyrics to a song, but I can't find it, or find out who performed it. Searching for "I can find a four leaf clover" gets too many results about trying to do the actual thing, and not about the song. Or about another very well-known four leaf clover song.

It used to play on the local Public Radio station here in Pittsburgh (WYEP) early Sunday morning on the weird techno/alt/downbeat show called "Nonesuch" in the mid to late '90s. Like '96 or '97. It may have been a local artist, which may or may not make things easier.

The vocalist was female, the music was electronic with a heavy Celtic vibe.

The entirety of the lyrics (they just repeated over and over):

I can find a four leaf clover
Even when the leaves are falling
Even in a winter snowfall
And all around the world

No phrases or groups of keywords net me anything, and I've been trying this search periodically over the past few years, thinking as more and more stuff gets uploaded and archived online that surely someone has made note of this thing.
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This is probably not it, but... female vocalist, 1997, clovers, so: Abra Moore, Four Leaf Clover
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The only reference I can find it as an archived Yugoslavian astronomy usenet style group where one person has it as his signature line, although he has it as "leaves are failing" - failing does not net any more useful searches.


Maybe drop him a line? His web presence is pretty dated but a CV is here: http://www.yurope.com/people/sen/research/cv.html
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I'm guessing you've misremembered some of the lyrics, which is one reason you cannot find the song. Try searching in google with various parts of the lyrics in quotations + the word 'lyrics'; ie:

"can find a four leaf clover" + "leaves are falling" + lyrics

This might be of help:

You could try finding out who the host(s) of the radio program was and contact them to see if they might know.
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I was just about to suggest what cotesdurhone said, and in addition you should definitely try tweeting the radio station and the named current DJs on the station's twitter account: https://twitter.com/WYEP. If there was a named current electronic DJ, I'd suggest him or her first, but they don't appear to have a dedicated host for that show. (Some) music people just love this kind of mystery. (Some are just crabs who should get out of the business.) Good luck!
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