Recommended songs for a happy young woman?
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Hi. So a good friend of mine is a happy young woman, about to have her 23rd birthday. She's asked her friends for songs to play. I found a list of songs referring to being 23, here on Metafilter - but they're all generally pretty depressing and negative about being 23. Do people have songs they recommend, for happy young women in general? Her tastes are modern, rock-oriented and eclectic - she's a big fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Pretty Reckless, MGMT, and dance music, for example. thanks!
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She Brakes for Rainbows, by the B-52s. (Not about being 23 though.)
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What's my age again? - Blink 182 (even if she is a super cool 23 year old who thinks she's way too cool for Blink-182)
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It's not about being 23 years old but this list would be lacking without some Brothers Johnson.
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Cloudbusting by Kate Bush
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The Aquabats, "Super Rad!" -- it's all about being young, positive, and unstoppable.
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Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
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Japandroids' Younger Us.
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Sweet Mistakes - Ellis Paul

(Just replace 'man' with 'woman.')
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Hoku, Perfect Day
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Melissa Ferrick, Everything I Need
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Happy, of course. I may be the only person in the world who will never tire of it.
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One Girl Revolution - Superchick
Control - Janet Jackson
I'm So Excited - Pointer Sisters
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I Feel Pretty- West Side Story
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Cut Your Hair - Pavement
All My Friends and Drunk Girls - LCD Soundsystem
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It's not about being 23 years old but this list would be lacking without some Brothers Johnson.
Or Tevin Campbell's cover version.
Wannabe - Spice Girls
Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
Holiday - Madonna
Jumpin Jumpin - Destiny's Child
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Erin McKeown -- Born to Hum
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Not exactly age-specific but many songs by Jill Sobule are fun and happy and kind of feminine oriented. I Kissed a Girl, Karen by Night, Underdog Victorious for example.
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Taylor Swift is bound to have something to meet this need. Sorry for not being more specific.
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Moby - Feeling So Real
Sky Ferreira - Lost in My Bedroom
Carly Rae - Call Me Maybe
Empire of the Sun - Walking On a Dream
Future Islands - Balance
The Go! Team - Ladyflash
J Mascis - Not Enough
Peaking Lights - Amazing and Wonderful
Youngblood Hawke - We Come Running
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I'm confused — are you giving up on songs about being 23 and you just want to pick music she'll like, or are you determined to find happier songs about being 23? If the former ... how about these:

Apples in Stereo — Energy

Of Montreal — Disconnect the Dots
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Thanks all of you! This is perfect.
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I was ideally looking for happy songs about being 23, and had bagged it. So thanks a lot John Cohen for connecting those dots. : )
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