I'm your Tiny dancer, dancer for money, and any old music will do.
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"My" cat's name is Tiny. I want to pick her up and dance with her around the house more when she comes to visit. Can you please provide me songs that would adapt to using the word "Tiny" that I can sing to her while we dance? I already know "Tiny Dancer" and "Private Dancer." Please assume classic songs I (a relatively music-clueless 43 year old) would know.
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Tiny bubbles...
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Shiny Tiny Happy People
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there is a book called "dancing with cats" which an internet friend once sent me. i just took it down from the bookshelf to answer your question. two people named "burton silver" and "heather busch" take responsibility for it on the cover.
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Safety Tiny Dance
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You remind me of the cat.
What cat?
The cat with the power.
What power?
The power of voodoo.
Who do?
You do.
Do what?
Remind me of the cat.
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I also have a kitty with a two syllable name, and I find that lots of songs are about people with two syllable names, so I just replace them with my cat's name.

Also, your cat, you, and this question are adorable and have made my day.
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City Of Tiny Cats
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Abba - Honey Honey Tiny Tiny

Blondie - Denis Tiny
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Yeah look for pretty much any song with a two-syllable name or the word "Baby" and you're good to go.

Steve Perry - Oh Tiny

And if Tiny rejects your advances and runs away:

Player - Tiny Come Back
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Change it to "Tiny Cat" and you open the door for three syllable stuff as well!

ABBA - Tiny Cat
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sung to superfreak...

she's a tiny cat!
tiny cat!
she's cute and tineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Two, three, and four syllable names: Tiny, Tiny cat, and Tiny kitty or kitten.

And for the hip and the hop, she's TC or TK.

Best question ever!
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All the tiny kitties!
All the tiny kitties.
Now put your paws up!

Myow-myow-myow, myow-myow myow.
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To the tune of "Little Polka Dot Bikini":

SHE WAS an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-teeny-little-tiny-kitty...

I may or may not sing that one to my cat on the regular.
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Not precisely what you're looking for but Springsteen's Kitty's Back seems too apropos to pass up.
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I also have a kitty with a two syllable name, and I find that lots of songs are about people with two syllable names, so I just replace them with my cat's name.

Well if we're going down this road....

Mandy and Brandy work well.

I used to do this with my dog but realized I can do it with my cat now! Awesome, awesome question!
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Oh, Tiny, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Tiny!
Not as well known, but I can't resist: Tiny, Tiny...
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It's not name-specific, but I love the Jazz Butcher song Love Kittens.

And, of course, the Cure's Love Cats (my cats haaaaate it when this song comes on Radio Paradise).
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Tiny yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree.
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Not Tiny-specific, but it has a good beat and you can dance to it—Stray Cat Strut, by (who else?) The Stray Cats.
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Oooh, you all are awesome. She came to visit this morning, and for some reason as I took her back outside to go get breakfast at her own house, "T.I.N.Y" came out of my mouth. The rest of the lyrics were, if i recall correctly, "you can go wandering, you can stop by my house, you know you. are. the. cute Tiny, T.I.N.Y!"
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The ones marked best are just the songs I know well enough to be able to sing without thinking. :-)
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Friends, I adopted her. Her owners offered her, and I took them up on it. Several prescriptions for allergy and asthma meds later, she is MINE!

Photos, 1, 2, 3
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Her former owners are SO GLAD she's with me now. She didn't like their house because she didn't like their other cat. Her former mumma has emailed me several times saying she's so happy she doesn't have to worry about Tiny anymore. Former mumma was so worried Tiny would get hit by a car or into some other kind of trouble. I have been over the moon for the last month or so. Tiny no longer goes outside, and she doesn't ask to!
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What a gorgeous kitty! Lucky Tiny and lucky you!
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