Gimme filthy backroom post-industrial electro action.
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Yet another "name that crunching minimal electro tune" question.

So, I was streaming's ShoutCast station a few weeks ago and heard this rather wonderful thing: it's a glitchy/crunchy/oversaturated/funky/super-compressed nightmare, and I love it. It's like the soundtrack to a gay circuit-party migraine in Hell. I need more of this danceable extreme* circuit-bending goodness in my life, so... who/what is it? And MORE PLEASE!

(*Yes, I know the genre gets much more extreme than this, so feel free to go with that too.)
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I don't know what this particular track is, but I recommend Mouse on Mars, especially their album Varcharz.

Something that's more conventionally harmonious than the track you liked, though likely to be up your alley, is an EP by Daedelus [sic] called A Gent Agent. (It's not his best work, but a lot of his other stuff is mellower.)

Also, has a "glitch" section--you could try looking into that.
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Don't know about the original, but you'd probably like this.
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don't know who your link is, but i know it's house. my personal favorite band for this is cabaret voltaire, esp. their later stuff like 'body and soul', 'groovy laidback and nasty' and 'the conversation'.
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Well, the Von Sudenfed album (Mouse On Mars + Mark E. Smith) has some great tracks - but I like it even harder and more dissonant.

Clark was interesting - thanks for that. Warp does a lot of this sort of thing (I imagine Aphex Twin will turn up in this thread eventually).

CabVolt are pioneers, indeed, and I have much of their early work in my collection, but this is a slightly different animal. I will check out their later stuff at your behest :-)

Keep 'em coming.
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Check out Ware, Kompakt and MEGO.
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Never heard it before, but it made me think of Mr. Oizo.
Also, you might enjoy digitally imported's selection of streams.
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(Oh, and I'm still trying to figure out who the artist is, so keep answering.)
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more? here's an old one: Funkstörung - Grammy Winners.
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Some of the new electro releases might be right up your alley: Justice, Digitalism, MSTRKRFT, Simian Mobile Disco...
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At they have a message board for song identification.
You might have better luck by also posting it there.

Good song, though.
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Everyone's pretty well covered recommendations I'd make for things in this genre.

The thing that's killing me is that I'm 99.9% positive I've heard a chunk of this track in one of the DJ sets I've been listening to over and over the last month or two, but I can't recall which one. If I remember, I'll hunt down the tracklist and post the answer, but I bet someone will beat me to it.
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Got it!

This track is Airbus and it's by D.I.M. (I don't believe this is a remix, though there's a chance it's a re-edit... But I don't think it is).

It shows up about twenty minutes into the BBC Essential Mix that Digitalism did back in July.

Good stuff!
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Airbus Baby is the name of the original track, don't know why I left that word out.

Further digging suggests the version you've posted is the MSTRKRFT remix? I'm not sure.
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Yep, looks like sparkletone is right, at least according to YouTube it's Airbus Baby.

Excellent track, another artist to check out that wasn't mentioned above is Para One especially Dudun-dun and the MSTRKRFT remix.
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