Singable and danceable?
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Looking for good pop songs that I can dance to and sing along with.

I enjoy the beat and energy of loud, unce-unce dance-pop songs, but I'm frequently disappointed in the song part of them. I like singing! So I'd like to hear music with a good vocal melody that could stand alone. The singer doesn't have to have a phenomenal voice; I'll settle for "pleasant" or at least "better than Britney."

Lady Gaga's Then You'd Love Me is close to what I'm looking for. I'm not fond of the earthquake lyric, but I like the melody.

As much as possible, I'd like to avoid autotune, spoken words, long intros/outros that don't match the rest of the song, or weird mixing effects (I'm going to reveal my lack of musical knowledge here, but you know how some dance songs have moments that deliberately mess up the beat? That annoys me).

I'd prefer original songs, but good remixes/covers are okay too. I'd also prefer English lyrics; I like songs in other languages, but they're harder for me to sing.

My ears and vocal cords thank you in advance! My upstairs neighbors do not.
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Crystal Castles + Robert Smith (from the Cure) - I'm not in Love
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Little Boots Remedy.

Oh Land Son Of A Gun.
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Seconding just about anything Robyn's put out lately, as a large, semi-tough-guy looking white dude I love pulling up to a stoplight belting out along with her and getting the odd looks...
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tori amos - raspberry swirl

as an added bonus, it's about oral sex!
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Kosheen - Catch
Kosheen - Hide U
Marina and the Diamonds - Mowgli's Road (Russ Chimes Remix)
BT - Running Down the Way Up (Note, features stutter cuts, but never drops the beat during stutters)
BT - Remember
All things Kylie Minogue.

I really, really should be able to come up with more than this... I tend to like downtempo female vocals, though. You may want to look for electronic remixes of your favorite female artists.
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Nthing Marina and the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, and Robyn. Also possibly Sam Sparrow (Black and Gold), Mika (We Are Golden) and possibly also Matt and Kim (Daylight), but they may all not be dance-y enough.
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Alphabeat - Fascination and 10000 Nights
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If you dig Gaga and the dancey pop... she has been assimilating Madonna, Cher, and Erasure more and more (Bad Romance is my fave of hers, and a perfect example). Yep, they're older than a lotta folks out there these days, but they never age on their records. : )

If you dig Erasure , I'd definitely recommend you anything before their I Say, I Say, I Say record (1994). That one's still good, but less mainstreamy than all their stuff prior to that. None of that will be autotuned, that I am aware of. Heck, I don't even think most of the regular joe record-buying public even knew autotune existed before Cher's "Do You Believe" single in 1998, so anything older than that is extremely unlikely to have clearly noticeable autotuning in it.

Pre-Erasure, Vince Clarke was in a band with Alison Moyet, a serious belter, called Yaz (or Yazoo in the UK). They had a few hits like Situation which you've likely heard somewhere before. Alison put out a few solo records as well which are sorta but not entirely like this.

There's also always Gaga's immediate predecessors... I dare say at least several Britney & Christina Aguilera songs are pretty good, if a bit less electro-dance and a bit more bubblegum.
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Give Ladyhawke and Goldfrapp a whirl. And see if you can resist singing and dancing to The Real Tuesday Weld's remix of The Puppini Sisters' Crazy in Love, because I can't.
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I love Annie.

I'm sure you're sick of La Roux, but just in case.

MNDR is a little more art school, but pretty damn danceable both on her own stuff and Mark Ronson's stuff.

Veronica Maggio doesn't sing in English, but what a voice + great danceable production, not a lot of vocal adjustment.
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"Little Bit" or "I'm Good, I'm Gone" by Lykke Li.
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