Help me remember this children's book from the '80s
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My memory is spotty-- it was an illustrated book about a mischievous red cat who was always getting in trouble.

This book has been haunting me for decades. I can see the cat protagonist, a cartoonishly drawn cherry red cat with a very mischievous look on his face, the style was somewhere between this and this.

The book was more advanced than a picture book--one of those large-format illustrated books with a fair amount of text and story. I remember the cat getting in a birdbath, causing all kinds of ruckus.

I found the cat hilarious as a child, and he stayed with me because unlike most characters in kids books, I had the sense he was truly rotten. He wasn't redeemed by a heart of gold or a secret yearning to be loved--he was a real troll. He was drawn in this ragged, cartoonish style and always had a smirk--he took delight in upsetting everyone and everything.

I know this isn't a ton to go on but I'm hoping someone will remember this book and put me out of my foggy-flashback misery.
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Best answer: Rotten Ralph? Here's a picture.
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Response by poster: Whoa. That was fast. Thank you so, so much.
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You're welcome! It has been on my Mefi wish list to successfully answer one of these.
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Since we've already solved this, here's a thing I just said to my cat : "Your aspirations don't match the reality of your situation."
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