Why do we have cats AND Melmacians have cats?
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In any of the Alf media (the live action sitcom, the cartoon, or any supplementary materials), is it ever explained how cats have come to be on both Melmac and Earth? Here, it says that it is unknown if Melmac cats and Earth cats are even the same species (presumably they coud be doing a kind of Allosaurus/T-Rex convergent-evolution thing), but perhaps someone out there with greater Alf knowledge can shed more light on this.
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It's pretty obvious if you look at it logically. Cats on a spaceship going that far would've been eaten, so they couldn't have come to earth from Melmac on a ship (or gone from earth to Melmac). Therefore it must be convergent evolution. I also suspect that the Alf media might not be 100% accurate when it comes to matters of taxonomy.
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Note that in addition to cats, lint, gravel, foam, ice, shellfish, yogurt, slugs, bronze, rust, carpet, grass, coal, silver, dirt, gold, bottlecaps, turnips, groundhogs, gas grills, halibut, pudding, clams, and green beans (which were given the right to vote in 1736) are all present on Melmac. So maybe something all these objects/creatures share allowed them to either survive the journey to Melmac or to develop concurrently on Melmac.
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The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. Aliens built the pyramids. Melmacians eat cats. Coincidence?
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Cats on a spaceship going that far would've been eaten, so they couldn't have come to earth from Melmac on a ship

Not necessarily, as jozxyqk points out. The Melmacians would not necessarily eat ALL of their food before arriving on Earth. They would presumably bring enough food for (a) at least short-term survival on Earth and (b) a return trip as well, if they were planning on going back home.
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In fact, Anubis, the "jackal-headed" god, bears some resemblance to a certain Mr. Shumway, doesn't he? Hmm?
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