Cat with red pupils
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We've just noticed one of our kitties (22 days old) has red eyes. His pupils, to be precise, are red. Should I be worried?

We're worried it's some sort of sickness as one of his brothers died with a big tumour thing that grew huge over his right eye. Because of this we examined all the kitties and I noticed this one with red pupils.

I've been researching but everyone talks about the entire eye being red with black pupils, which is not this case. A page with a photo similar to my kitty's eyes was about albino cats, but mine has a black tail (the rest of his fur is, indeed, white).

Should I call a vet?
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I'd take all of them to a vet, given that one of them has already died.
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You should absolutely call a vet. Do you not have a family vet yet? Did the kitten who died see a vet? I would be very disturbed to learn that you had a kitten die but did not immediately bring his siblings to the vet. If you have a pet that is so ill that it dies and his surviving litter mates are in your care, you should not turn to google but should seek veterinary medical advice. To do otherwise is irresponsible and cruel.
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You should definitely bring him to the vet. The pupil is actually a hole in the iris, so it cannot be red. What you are seeing is something red in the rear of the eye, either the lens, the vitreous body, or the retina. There are various diseases and conditions that can cause redness in the eye due to bleeding or hemorrhage, and a vet is the person to check that out.
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I agree, ALL of the kittens should be taken to a vet, as soon as possible today.
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Thank you, mefites. To the vet they all go.
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I am glad you are taking your kitties to the vet asap!

One idea you might ask about: If the red is showing up primarily in reflected light, it may be the kitty's natural eyeshine. The iridescent color that shines depends on breed. (My pup's right eye shines red, even in regular daylight.)
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In humans it can be a sign of cataracts or retinoblasoman, a cancer of the eye.
Cat's eyes are very different, but it can't hurt to have them checked out.

Good luck, I hope its nothing.
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Please update when you can!
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