Medical Marijuana Delivery Website Menu for Wordpress?
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I'm helping some folks who run a medical marijuana delivery service, and would like an easy-to-maintain solution for their menu on a site running Wordpress.

They're currently using Woocommerce shopping cart, setup as a product catalog (no ordering, just info and prices). This works OK, but prices ended up being buried in some tabs, and pricing doesn't appear on the main menu pages. What they'd really like is something clean and well laid out, similar to what's found on the popular Weedmaps site. Is there a way to make Woocommnerce work like this, or is there another Wordpress plugin that can be used more effectively for this? One of the trickier features seems to be pricing based on weight, rather than just one price for the "product". Wordpress and Woocommerce gurus out there, can you help us?
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This works OK, but prices ended up being buried in some tabs, and pricing doesn't appear on the main menu pages.

This is not a WooCommerce issue; it sounds like an issue with the WP theme or someone's whack idea of how to build a menu. Some links would help here.

One of the trickier features seems to be pricing based on weight

Not really? This is what product options are for. You put it into Woo at $X per ounce and price increment your options for that product:

* .5 ounces $x
* 2 ounces $2X
* 3 ounces $3X
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Response by poster: DarlingBri, I wasn't sure about the etiquette for linking to commercial sites, but it's here.
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Response by poster: Also looking at Squarespace as an alternative to Wordpress, so if anyone's more familiar with their ecommerce setup...
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The problems you are having are due to organisational failure rather than an issue with Woo or WordPress and are not going to fixed by moving to Squarespace.

The issue here is either your theme or how it has been setup on your end. You have Pricing as your second tab when it should be your first, although it is totally readable at the smallest phone size if you click that tab. Basically, do not attempt to fix this with plugins because your foundation is totally broken; find a better theme with the features you want out of the box if you don't have the resources to make code changes.

Your issues are not being improved by your incredibly poor hosting, which is excruciatingly slow and results in constant page load failures :(
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Response by poster: Thanks DarlingBri. So do I understand correctly that different themes will affect the layout of Woocommerce? What I really want is for use the price function of Woocommerce, with various weight options, without the shopping cart and ordering (dispensaries are cash-only for now).

And I did notice the loading issues and will initiate a move to another host ASAP.
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Best answer: WooCommerce is just a backend system. It is a database for entering all kinds of information about products within a structured system.

Once that data is all in place, how/when/if/where it is displayed on the front end is down to an individual theme.
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Yep, this is just a matter of manipulating the WooCommerce templates to have the data appear where you want it. WooCommerce is very good at letting you copy their templates from the plugin folder:


to your own theme :


You can also use the add_action and remove_action functions to move things around with WooCommerce.
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