Open source, MVC alternative to WordPress?
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I've been using WordPress for over 10 years to manage my blog and my site...

I've been thinking about how I'd like to know what it's like to build a custom solution for myself by adapting an open-source CMS so I've been searching the Googles for something maybe based on an PHP MVC framework like CodeIgniter (like Ionizer, or FUEL or CMS Canvas - something open-source).
All of those options above look promising but they don't seem to have a way of importing my WordPress posts into their blog modules. So my question is:

Does anyone know of an open-source CMS based on an MVC PHP framework that will allow me to import my existing WordPress posts and preserve relevant metadata (timestamps, for instance)?
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Best answer: I don't have a good answer for you, but a starting place might be to find a good "Export WordPress to CSV" plugin that'll let you download your whole WordPress archive in a more easily manageable form (like CSV). Then you can start googling "import CSV in [MVC framework of choice]", which I'd imagine might be more fruitful. Good luck!
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pretty sure both joomla and drupal would support importing from wordpress. however, i am not sure either is that great if you're looking for a simple introduction to mvc architecture and cms.
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Response by poster: Zephyrial, that was a great suggestion - googling "import CSV Codeigniter" led me to PyroCMS, which has a WordPress importer to its blog module.
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Another approach: you could use WordPress not as a website, and interact with it solely as a REST API. See

WordPress is open source out of the box, in the version: Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the part of your question related to licensing though - it implies part of the reason you're moving away from WordPress is because it's not open source.
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Response by poster: artlung : the open-source part is because I want to learn how the CMS works and customize it, and open-source means it's more likely to have a community of people who've been developing for it who can answer questions.

The WP REST API looks pretty neat though. Maybe I can use it to export my site's data.
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