Updating a WordPress site?
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A client asked me to update their current website, which is running on Wordpress (which I'm not super familiar with). But there doesn't seem to be a built in way to build this newer version (same number of pages, swapping out photos and text) while keeping the current one live. Is there a built in way to do this? If not, how is a Wordpress site generally revamped while keeping the current site live?
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Best answer: Copy the install, move it to a different folder. Tinker until done, then move back over the live version, maybe?
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Best answer: Hi! I build themes for fun. It's fairly easy to install wordpress locally. Here's one tutorial - but you can google it and find a tutorial for your specific type of machine.

Then you can install a wordpress backup plugin, if the site doesn't already have one, and back up the site as is. Restore the site on the local machine and have at it with the changes. Then you should be able to backup the local machine and restore it on the client's server.
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Response by poster: Restore the site on the local machine and have at it with the changes.

Ah, the caveat is that I need to have it live on the 'net so the client and I can go back and forth with changes.
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Best answer: In a development environment. I use the plug-in Duplicator to copy the site to a subdomain like:


and then work on it there. Then use Duplicator to copy it back. Duplicator makes this dead simple.

Never ever run updates on the live site without first testing them on the dev site. Particularly core updates to WP and WooComm.
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Best answer: You can also use the "draft" setting if both you and the client have password access. Then they can preview each page and see what it would look like live.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all!
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Where is it hosted? Some hosting companies offer free development space, usually under a subdomain like humboldt32 noted: dev.mydomain.com
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Response by poster: Oh, it's hosted at Wordpress.com, so plugins are out. But since everything is set up as pages, it's easy to copy a page, save it as a draft and work on changes there. A bit kludgy, but it works!
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