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What should I order at a Tupperware party?

On my way to a Tupperware party! Which Tupperware items are worth the investment?
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Anything that you will use at least once a week.
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The Bell Tumblers are nicely indestructible.
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If you hate cutting onions, the turbo chef (it might also be called a turbo chopper or something else).

It takes longer to clean than a knife and board, so whether it's worth it to you depends on how much you hate cutting onions.
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I have a couple of those bell tumblers that are over 40 years old and still good and in use.
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Know any babies? My standby.
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The domed lettuce container.
The celery container (it has a grid in it).
The pour-spout handled mixing bowl with measures on it.
Mini's (shotglass size containers with seal) are really handy. I used to carry loose facepowder in one for my purse.
Modular Mates!

I've used the items above regularly for 30 years, plus I have some items dating from the 60s and 70s that were my mom's and gram's pieces.

Mom liked the pastry sheet; now there's a silicone one.
Any container with a "taker" handle.

Soup kitchens or shelters might really appreciate some food storage items.

The Shape-O toy if you need a child's gift. (If one of the little shapes gets lost, you can replace it. You can replace pretty much anything.)
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We use the gravy shaker (no idea what it's actually called - the thing you put flour and water in and shake to mix, for gravy) weekly.
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Yes to the pastry sheet!
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Oh, a Handy Pour for making salad dressing. I use constantly;should get another.
Snack cups are handy for storing small items in the fridge.
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I love the salt and pepper shakers. The tight seal keeps my salt from clumping in the humidity.
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I have used their rolling pin for years, but it doesn't come up for me when I do a search :( But I found one of their modular mates canisters at the thrift store - I think it's that middle one in the picture, and it's the first canister I've used that keeps my brown sugar soft without having to add a marshmallow or resort to other measures.
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The Tupperware orange/citrus peeler. It's a life changer.
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If you ever bake cakes, the portable cake holder if they still have it
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Their vegetetable peelers are great, I buy a couple for friends every time I get roped into a TW party. There is also a sort of pickle/olive jar with an insert that raises your X out of the brine/syrup/whatev and includes a fork.
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The one Tupperware thing I regret losing in all my many moves over the years is the roast chicken holder. Flat base, domed lid.
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Agree with the orange/citrus peeler. I've turned so many people on to them. We buy boxes of citrus for others for Christmas and always include a peeler in the box. The bell tumblers with the sippy lids are still the best travel cups out there. Lids can also be used on the largest tumblers.
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