Rescue my anniversary!
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Last minute anniversary plans in San Francisco. Help!

So I've put off making plans for too long, and now I need some help for this weekend. I've already checked all the vegetarian askmefi questions, and the San Francisco ones, and while kind of helpful, there wasn't really anything I could really hone in on. So with that said, what are some super fun or cool, and slightly romantic things for two highschool seniors from the East Bay to do in San Francisco on the 10th? Also tips on good vegetarian friendly Italian restaurants would be greatly appreciated. And while not terribly adverse to walking, neither of us drive, so being easy to get to from bart or through muni would be a huge plus. Concerts are out, as is MOMA because that's where we went last year.
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Best answer: Not sure of your idea of cool, but romantic destinations include:
- The Japanese Tea Garden
- The Conservatory of Flowers
- The Palace of Fine Arts
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when i lived there, i always wanted to take my girlfriend to the starlight room at the sir francis drake, or the top of the mark. not sure if you're into that kind of romantic, but girls like it when you dance with 'em, even if they say they don't.
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I'd suggest something that you can make reservations for. Not being a veggiehead, I can't really point out anything specific. However, I can tell you that on Saturday, the wait times get long. Last Saturday evening (early evening, too) we were quoted a 3-4 hour wait for the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square. Many of the restaurants around Union Square were absolutely packed. It's the Christmas shopping season, after all...

Don't forget to use to help you plan your transportation in the city! :-)
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I'm kind of weird, but I had a great time wandering around Chinatown in the rain a year or so ago--maybe find some weird hole-in-the-wall place and get some noodles, then walk around some more?
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You might see if you could get reservations at Greens. Absolutely delicious vegetarian fare, and a wonderful view of the Golden Gate.

You can get close on MUNI, or by cable car.
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Greens is wonderful, though rather pricey.
Teddymac suggested some nice places in GG Park. You could take a long walk through the park with a few stops along the way, then end up on Haight Street where there are some nice restaurants and lots of great people-watching.
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If you can stretch to it, Millennium is totally worth it.
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Response by poster: I suggested starting the morning off with a visit to the japanese tea gardens, and then go to the conservatory of flowers, and do some walking in Golden Gate park, and she sounded really excited. Thanks. Also Top of the Mark looks like the place to go for dinner when we're old enough to stay for dinner. The starlight room makes me wary, I don't like it when things have bad websites, how hard would it be to ditch the frames and add some CSS? For all I know from their site they went out of business in the mid ninetys and forgot to tell anyone. Greens and Millenium look really good, even though I'm the official omnivore in the relationship, but she's kind of picky about what she eats (this is probably the most annoying thing about her) so I'd have to convince her to go to those places, so those will just have to wait for another day. My friend suggested Gondola, so that is most likely where we will end up for dinner. Thank you to everyone that responded.
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I cannot speak on how vegetarian friendly the meals are but I had a wonderful first date at the Hawthorne Lane (Google. )(Zagat) The food is fantastic. The service and atmosphere is wonderful. I have to warn you that it is pretty pricey.
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It has been awhile, but I had a wonderful first date at the Hawthorne Lane Restaurant. It's quite pricey, but the food and the atmosphere is superb. Also, you'll get great service without snooty attitude and faux French accent. (Google Map)(Google Review)(Zagat)(City Search)

Good luck!
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